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Monochromatic e-Ink eReaders – Changing the Way You Read

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One of the few things that technology has not changed even after centuries is book reading. But lately, things have started to change when it comes to book reading methods. Books are still our best friends, but certainly we have some new friends around the block, known as “e-Ink eReaders”. We could read books electronically prior to them, but what makes the e-Ink eReaders so special are their close to nature typeset, that is -radically different than you have previously seen with an electronic paper and electronic ink.

This electronic paper technology was first introduced for purchase by Sony in 2006 with its e-Book Reader. The eBook Reader by Sony replaced conventional LCD display with E Ink and offered customized back light tweaks to enhance reading experience.  This e-Ink is a reflective technology, allowing you to read like you would read a book or a newspaper.
This e Ink eReader allows you to read books while you relax and offers great reading experience in all environmental conditions. The e-Ink eReaders are lighter and more portable than the computers and the books themselves. This means you can enjoy reading while on the go whether at gym, at a park or travelling in a plane or train. Many of the eReaders also have voice reading feature, letting you listen to your favorite books and articles.
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