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SEO and its work

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SEO is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is a technique used to make the website more search engine friendly. Search engine friendly means, when you are sourcing the information about your products and services on search engines, then an optimized site will rank higher in search engine results. This higher ranking will increase the traffic to your website. Optimization of a website is done by making use of SEO keywords and phrases.

Implementation of keywords

It is important to include specific keywords and phrases which are related to the site in articles or the website content so as to drive traffic towards the website. If the keywords and phrases are chosen well, then it can boost up the ranking of the website in search engines when a search is performed by potential customers. The best way to know the keywords which are searched by the users is to make use of Keyword tool rather than guessing it by your own. There are many keyword generator tools available for free online and even you can purchase it.

Application of keywords:

Applying the keywords and phrases into the articles, websites is not just simply throwing it randomly. The keywords and phrases chosen must be written in the content in such a way that the content remains meaningful. These keywords can be placed within the heading, body of the text, the descriptions etc. If you add only one keyword or phrase in your content, then it will not boost up your website’s ranking. On the other hand, if you add lots of keywords and phrases, then the Google will not be able to optimize it as it will create confusion for Google. Therefore, it is recommended that include keywords and phrases in the middle ground i.e. Neither single nor too many. Make use of only those keywords which works best on that particular page.

Finally, the best way to achieve the excellent optimization for your site is an SEO company. An SEO Company is experienced and is specialized in all the services. It knows about each and everything about SEO and helps in driving the traffic to your site. It removes all the hassles which are making your site low ranked. They use the best techniques to get the competitive keywords and work on it.

If you are looking for an SEO company, then you must look at the following things:

  • See      the examples of their previous work
  • Check      the reviews and feedback from the company
  • Offering      Professional SEO services.

Make sure you choose an SEO company which provides Professional SEO Services. Such an SEO company never makes use of any black hat techniques and hence helps in driving organic traffic to your site.

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The Major Constituents of Search Engine Marketing

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If the online marketing activities were combined and given a single name, then the right name to give them would be ‘Search Engine Marketing’, as most of the online marketing activities are directly or indirectly related to search engines. The search engines are the nucleus of online marketing and all the activities revolve around them.

When it comes to search engine marketing (SEM) there are three major areas of it, and many companies provide services related to these areas of SEM. These areas include, search engine optimization, Pay per click management and social media marketing. The lines below give a detail of these areas of SEM.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

As the name indicates, this activity is concerned with optimization of a website in the search engine results. The service provider works on applying different techniques that make the website likeable in the eyes of search engines and make the website rank high in response to the particular search query. Some of the methods adopted by SEO service providers to increase the ranking of a website are:

  • By conducting an apt keyword research and finding the most relevant keywords.
  • Adjusting the selected keywords in the content and Meta of the website
  • Designing a search engine friendly website
  • Building content around the selected keywords and propagating it for the purpose of back links.
  • Increasing the number of back links and abiding by all the instructions of search engines to make the website rank high in results.

2. PPC Marketing:

Compared to the organic way of attracting visitors towards a website, the other way in which visitors can be attracted is PPC marketing. PPC is considered a very affective and viable part of SEM campaign. In PPC a business pays search engines to let them have it run its ads in the search results of a particular query. Although apparently simple but the process of PPC marketing is very complicated and requires a professional monitoring the activities of the campaign. A PPC marketing services provider would manage the campaign in the following manner:

  • Selecting the right keywords to bid against so that the ad appears at the best possible position for the particular keyword
  • Setting the right budget for different ads so that maximum ads could be displayed in the total budget of the campaign
  • Writing an attractive ad copy that is persuasive and provokes the user to click on the ad
  • Applying analytics to monitor the conversions and flow of traffic

3. Social Media Marketing:

It is the recent development in SEM. Although, social media marketing is not related with SEM directly, however its relation with search engines is very covert and strong. The activities performed on social media platforms have a strong influence on the above-mentioned to activities. The social media marketing services offered by a company may include:

  • Managing social media profiles
  • Communicating with the customers and clients on social media platforms
  • Developing brand promoting content for profiles


In short, SEO, PPC and Social media are the major active elements of search engine marketing. A business which wants total search engine dominance should work on all three of these areas.