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Here are 5 Important Tips For Small Businesses Looking To Get Better Organic Rankings In Austin

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Are you a small business based in Austin? Regardless of which niche you operate in, the chances are you are present online. After all, now, having an online presence is considered to be a necessity. There are 3.58 billion internet users and 2.77 billion social media users in the world. This makes online platforms a great way to reach your target audience.

However, one must also remember that there are 200 million active websites on the internet. Some of them might be operating in Austin as well. How do you ensure that your audience chooses your product or site from the sea of other options available? You do it via adopting a sound SEO strategy.

A lot of times the importance of organic reach is underestimated. Among all other types of SEO strategies, you must employ, you must also strive to improve your organic ranking. After all, 51% of website traffic is derived from organic searches. Hence, you must ask your Austin SEO company to improve your organic ranking.

Here are five tips that might come in handy during the process.

  1.    Identifying target keywords

The first step towards improving your organic ranking is finding the right keywords to include in your website and content. The significance of keyword research cannot be stressed enough. Let’s just say that the probability of success of your SEO strategy depends on it.

Make sure you do a thorough target keyword research. Look for words that your potential customers are likely to use in their search. They must be relevant to your niche. Also, you might want to include some local keywords as well, if you only operate in Austin. So, if you are a law firm based in Austin, a keyword like “law firm in Austin” or “Austin law firm” should be included in your content.

  1.    Optimize your website based on buyer persona first and foremost

You might be tempted to optimize your site based on search engine and algorithms. However, you must remember that algorithms are prone to changes. And these changes are generally reflective of what users want.

Rather than chasing the dream of being search engine optimized, begin by optimizing your website based on your target audience. Create a buyer persona. Identify the critical characteristic of your target audience. Think of them as humans rather than traffic. Try to gauge their needs and demands from a website. Optimize your website to fulfill those demands. You will see that your website will automatically and consistently have a high ranking on the search engine as well.

So, make the content relevant, educational and personal. The more your consumers relate to your content, the more they will share it. This, in turn, will lead to high user engagement which is also a marker of high organic ranking.

  1.    Use social media platforms

We know what you are thinking. How can social media affect increasing organic ranking in a search engine? Well, most search engines, including Google, determine your business’s ranking based on social shares as well. The more a given post is shared on social media platforms, the higher will be your ranking. This is why to improve your organic ranking; you must make use of your social media accounts as well.

Include the target keywords in your social media posts. Try to make your content viral by making them relevant and engaging. Get people to share them. A strong social media presence will establish you as a credible player in your niche.

  1.    Write blogs

Blog posts are an excellent way of improving organic ranking. The newer the content you add to your website, the higher your ranking gets. Not to mention that it allows you to add relevant keywords without stuffing them unnecessarily.

It also establishes you as an expert in the field, thereby increasing traffic to your website. So, even if someone isn’t interested in availing your services today, the fact that your blog was useful for them might expose them to your business.

  1.    Monitor performance

You can’t just implement an SEO strategy for improving organic reach and then forget about it. You must monitor your organic ranking closely to see if there is any positive impact on the ranking. If not, it is time to alter your strategy.

Even if it is working today, doesn’t mean it will work forever. Keep monitoring your performance and keep reoptimizing it as per the changing keywords and consumer characteristics.


These five tips are bound to help your small business to get a better organic reach in Austin. If you know how to improve your ranking, you would know what to ask from your Austin SEO company.

Work to improve your online presence. Get a high organic ranking. Watch as your website traffic and your sales turnover increases.


How To Do Guest Blogging For SEO

How To Do Guest Blogging For SEO

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SEO is the term involving a lot of changes in a search engine like Google. SEO is nothing other than optimizing your website and webpage for search engines. Google is the famous and mostly used search engines which can grab a lot of traffic to your site. You just need to put some effort to introduce it on the first page of Google and your profit will be multiplied. Many of website owners do SEO in an illegal way that is through black hat SEO, link spamming and keyword stuffing. Is the result Google has discovered panda and penguin update to avoid these types of spamming.

Link building is the most effective way for SEO and guest blogging is the most efficient way to build high quality links. Our SEO Company is one of the most reliable and trustworthy company in the country to make our costumer feel comfortable with our services. You just need to follow some of these easy steps to for guest posting for SEO purpose.

Be sure about guest post domain

The very first thing you need to do is to identify domain for guest posting. For instant if your website is about web designing, you have to post content related to the niche. If you are out of your topic, it will be badly affect your website and traffic. And list out some mostly used keywords which you can enter into your blog. 

Keep on searching

When you have a clear cut way that on what niches you are going to write, you need to search each and every thing about it covering every aspect. You need to search for famous and authentic blogs related to your domain and permit guest posting. In the end you will find some of the relevant guest blogging sites. 

Qualitative study:

While guest posting, you need to check some of these things to ensure that you are posting on the right place

  1. Member count
  2. Traffic position
  3. Google page rank
  4. Activity status
  5. And rank in search engines (especially on Google) 

Traffic analysis

Through your backlinks you will be able to grab viewers towards your site only in the way if there is a huge traffic on the guest posting website. Different websites and tools are introduced to know about the traffic rank of any website.

Page rank investigation

Goggle set ranks of any website according to its relevance, backlinks and presentation. It ranks websites for 0-10 to show it according to its quality.

Our SEO Company (SEO Company in Lahore) is full of employs that are working to serve our customer in the best way they can. They are covering all aspect mentioned above to make our position more reliable.

Some important tips

  • Always post on high page rank to make your content viewed.
  • Make you content informative even if you are not writing as guest blogging. If you are writing content for marketing, even then you have to enter 80% informative words and 20% promotional.
  • Enter relevant text to avoid viewer’s dreadful comments.
  • Create back linking related to your blog. It will make your blog more successful.
  • Post original and self written content if you really want to improve your brand name.
  • Do not create a lot of link to your website. It will automatically affect your position by Google.

SEO and its work

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SEO is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is a technique used to make the website more search engine friendly. Search engine friendly means, when you are sourcing the information about your products and services on search engines, then an optimized site will rank higher in search engine results. This higher ranking will increase the traffic to your website. Optimization of a website is done by making use of SEO keywords and phrases.

Implementation of keywords

It is important to include specific keywords and phrases which are related to the site in articles or the website content so as to drive traffic towards the website. If the keywords and phrases are chosen well, then it can boost up the ranking of the website in search engines when a search is performed by potential customers. The best way to know the keywords which are searched by the users is to make use of Keyword tool rather than guessing it by your own. There are many keyword generator tools available for free online and even you can purchase it.

Application of keywords:

Applying the keywords and phrases into the articles, websites is not just simply throwing it randomly. The keywords and phrases chosen must be written in the content in such a way that the content remains meaningful. These keywords can be placed within the heading, body of the text, the descriptions etc. If you add only one keyword or phrase in your content, then it will not boost up your website’s ranking. On the other hand, if you add lots of keywords and phrases, then the Google will not be able to optimize it as it will create confusion for Google. Therefore, it is recommended that include keywords and phrases in the middle ground i.e. Neither single nor too many. Make use of only those keywords which works best on that particular page.

Finally, the best way to achieve the excellent optimization for your site is an SEO company. An SEO Company is experienced and is specialized in all the services. It knows about each and everything about SEO and helps in driving the traffic to your site. It removes all the hassles which are making your site low ranked. They use the best techniques to get the competitive keywords and work on it.

If you are looking for an SEO company, then you must look at the following things:

  • See      the examples of their previous work
  • Check      the reviews and feedback from the company
  • Offering      Professional SEO services.

Make sure you choose an SEO company which provides Professional SEO Services. Such an SEO company never makes use of any black hat techniques and hence helps in driving organic traffic to your site.

Author Bio— I am Shalini. I am working in “SEO RANK SMART” Since last more than 5 years as an SEO. SEO RANK SMART is the best SEO Company provides best Services its clients.

Hire a Responsible and Sensible SEO Company

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Affordable SEO services

Affordable SEO services

Are you planning to start a website oriented business? Then you should have a website that is attractive and informative to target audience. It is not possible by you to handle different aspects of website creation such as SEO, internet marketing, etc. Of the many, SEO aspects are vital for all kinds of websites regardless of the size and type of business it handles. So, you need the services of an expert SEO company Delhi to help you sort out the issues and aspects of doing a business online. There are hundreds of thousands of companies offering SEO services at varying quality and in different price rates. Hence, it would be a difficult task for you to choose the most effective SEO firm from the bunch. Here we discuss about the elements you have to keep in mind while searching for an experienced and expertise SEO Company.

Look at the SEO forums

An ex-customer of a company is the person who can really judge the company and the success of his/her project the company handled. There are lots of SEO forums where you can see original SEO company reviews written by the ex-customers who have employed the services of companies they hired. This will make you understand the services and offers of different SEO firms and also help you make a good decision about hiring the right firm. Thus, you will get a chance to be sure about the company you just hired is best for your requirements.

Consider the sample of works

Successful companies don’t hide their success stories and so, you can get the stories, testimonials, etc on the company site. If you are still not confident, then you can demand certain samples of their past works and find the rankings of the sites they worked on. A successful SEO company will proudly give you with all the details and hence, you can get a clear idea about the kind of results you can expect from the firm.

Employ search engines

You can be sure about the credibility of a SEO firm just through searching the company using your favorite search engine. If the company is good at offering services, then the company website will appear top on the search engine results. If the company has appeared among the top 5 pages then you can be sure of the ability of the firm to give you higher rankings for your website.

Use White hat SEO tactics

Once you have hired Affordable SEO services, you have to tell the company that you need white hat SEO techniques for your website. There are some companies using black hat SEO strategies and provide quick results. But soon you will see that search engines are blocking your links and your websites will be permanently removed from the search indexes. So, avoid such conditions and ask your company for white hat SEO services.

Remember that your Internet marketing services provider is responsible to answer your queries and so, don’t miss a chance to ask them whatever you want to know.