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Understanding The Physical Anatomy Of A Woman To Achieve Orgasm

Understanding The Physical Anatomy Of A Woman To Achieve Orgasm

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Sexual pleasure is important for the health of both men and women. As for a man achieving satisfaction can be quite a simple thing, for a woman it can take some time. For the sake of happiness of your partner learn to understand more about her anatomy.

You remember the book, Men are from Mars Women are from Venus? Well, basically they are talking about, that women are different! Not just in the way that they look, smell and think either.

We all know that they are different, but in what ways are they different that helps us to put them over the moon and make them want make love with us again and again?

What is the secret to making women scream? There are three things that you need to make a woman orgasm fast; knowledge, skill, and patience. Good understanding of the physical anatomy of woman and learning the right breathing techniques is crucial if you want to prolong sex and become great lover.

Luckily, we are not stacking bricks here and practicing is quite a lot of fun. Let’s talk about a couple of spots on a woman’s body; get ready for the big word; her erogenous zones. These are the areas of her body that are hyper-sensitive and can work in your favor when trying to elicit an orgasm.

Different women are more-or-less sensitive and arouse-able in the same areas; the nape of the neck, the nipples, the clitoris, and her G- Kisses on her neck will begin to warm her up and get her in the mood. Don’t be in a hurry; female pleasure takes patience.

Her most important sexual organ is her… brain! Relaxation is the key to success. Brain is the most important sexual organ. Especially females really need to be stimulated by romance, being listened too, emotional support and cuddling. The room should be dimly lit but not dark, candles set the right tone.

Depending on your lover’s preferences, some soft music may be appropriate. If your lover is new to you, skip the music unless she puts it on.

Set the tone with foreplay. Kiss and caress your partner to entice her and get her aroused. Don’t be afraid to bite her gently on the neck. Since you are ultimately heading south, don’t neglect her nipples. Titties are just plain fun so why would you think of bypassing them anyway. These beauties were designed, yes designed, to suck on.

Okay, take a breath, time to learn something. We all know that a woman has a Clitoris. Well guess what, get ready, here comes another fifty-center, it is homologous to a man’s penis. What to hell does that mean? It means that that little bugger is extremely sensitive as all the nerves are concentrated into that wonderful little bundle of joy.

Make sure you take care of it. Listen and observe her while touching down of her body. Listen to the sounds she’s making. If her noises indicate that what you’re doing is turning her on, keep doing, whatever it is.

Virectin Review – The Clinically Proven Male Enhancement Pill

Virectin Review – The Clinically Proven Male Enhancement Pill

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Sex is a natural part of life and is often considered to be an important activity in a healthy relationship. This intimate activity is good for your mind and your body, and it is an excellent way for you to connect with your partner. During a man’s twenties, his blood vessels are able to carry blood to his penis, which allows him to have firm erections. His body also produces enough testosterone to support his erectile function and to keep him interested in sex. Unfortunately, these features do not last forever. Elite Men’s Guide explains that, as the male body ages, levels of total testosterone and free testosterone starts to decline. When testosterone levels decline, so can a man’s sexual abilities, mental performance and the overall wellbeing of his body. Healthline explains that a low testosterone score can lead to a lower sex drive and symptoms of erectile dysfunction. They also explain that reduced testosterone counts can have an adverse effect on a man’s fertility.

Virectin Review – The Clinically Proven Male Enhancement Pill

Virectin is a natural supplement that offers a combination of herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and other essential compounds that may help to improve a man’s performance during sex. The product targets different aspects that are related to sexual health in order to help men overcome the most common forms of sexual dysfunctions and issues they may be experiencing. Apart from focusing on a man’s sexual function, Virectin also contributes to better stamina levels and enhanced endurance, which is two factors that can help a man perform for longer without feeling tired or week in the middle of an intimate session with his partner. Let’s consider the most essential features and benefits that Virectin can offer you.

Harder And Longer Lasting Erections


A study by Cleveland Clinic explains that, regardless of age, as much as 52% of men experience at least one symptoms of erectile dysfunction. This may include erections that are not hard enough for penetration or even the inability to gain an erection at all. It may also include other symptoms, such as being able to obtain an erection, but not being able to keep the erection for a period that is long enough to have sexual intercourse to a satisfactory level. While different medications are available to treat such a condition, they can cause harmful side-effects to develop – these may include muscle pain, a stuffy nose, an upset stomach, changes in vision, dizziness, flushing and more.

Virectin utilizes a combination of natural compounds, such as L-Arginine HCL, to enhance the body’s blood circulatory system. This means the supplement will cause more blood to flow to the man’s penis when he has an erection; thus resulting in a harder erection. The excess blood that enters the penis may also increase the size of the erection and make the erection stay hard for a longer period. It is advisable to read the Virectin reviews too.

Better Control Over Orgasms

Apart from the fact that a lot of men find it difficult to obtain an erection that is appropriate for sexual intercourse – and then to maintain it, premature ejaculation also seems to be a problem that affects quite a large number of men. In fact, up to 30% of men find that they orgasm too soon – leaving their partner unsatisfied after sex. By combining different natural ingredients that relax the mind and reduces anxiety during sex, Virectin helps men have more control over when they are going to ejaculate; thus delaying their orgasm so they can completely satisfy their partner.

Stimulates Testosterone Production

Testosterone has many vital functions in the male body and it also contributes to better sexual function. While the condition does not directly cause erectile problems, the fact that low testosterone can reduce a man’s sex drive and lead to a decline in heart health means the quality of their erections can still be affected. Everyday Health reports that men with low testosterone levels are also at a higher risk of becoming depressed, experiencing problems with their sleep quality and they may experience fatigue regularly. The combination of Niacin, Selenium and Zinc that is found in Virectin all contributes toward better testosterone levels by stimulating the glands and body parts that produce this sex hormone.

Better Sexual Performance

Simply being able to maintain an erection for a long period and having the ability to prevent reaching orgasm too soon does not mean a man can continue having sex for hours on end. Even when all of these factors are perfectly normal, the man may still experience a lack of endurance and stamina. These two elements are very important when it comes to sex. Virectin ingredients can elevate a man’s stamina and provide them with better endurance.


As the male body starts to age, it becomes more prone to developing certain diseases – including sexual dysfunctions that can lead to having sex less frequently. To combat such a condition, Virectin, a natural male enhancement formula, provides clinically proven organic ingredients that increase the firmness of the man’s erections, enhances their sex drive and delays their orgasms.