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The Importance of Social Media Training

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Social Media has become a powerful tool in this day and age. Different industries have invested in Social Media as part of their marketing strategies. For this reason, hiring social media experts has become a growing trend in a lot of business companies. And these experts are not just anybody. Since excellence in every area is what businesses aim for, these professionals have gone through special trainings before they acquired their current skills and knowledge.


Studies have found out that the deciding factor in why digitally savvy companies outperform the non-digitally savvy counterparts is that the former companies train in social media. The researchers also found out that the companies with a stronger digital intensity drive more revenue. That being said, policy alone would not educate enough the employees about social media marketing. A proper training is the best option if they want to intensify the company’s presence online.

Social media as a marketing platform is not as simple as engaging with their customers and getting more people to know about the company. It is also a powerful tool in which the company can measure their return on investment (ROI). This way, they can demonstrate valid use of the company money.

The primary way of calculating the ROI is through analytics. Here you can measure the number of clicks on certain initiatives, the number of leads generated from those clicks, etc. Once you have the statistics, use this as a way to determine the success of your strategies and how to improve them. Policies do not cover this concept; training, however, comprehensively informs the whole team about the different social networking strategies. Giving guidelines is the first step to training but companies should have a formal social media literacy program which offers certification. This gives their employees more confidence that what they are sharing online is effective and efficient for the company.

img5On the other hand, for those who plan to land a social media position, there are now a lot of service providers that offer courses in social media. Their programs are not exclusive to a single company but they train people to work as a social media expert on whatever company they wish, and legitimately so because they provide certificates of completion. Courses in social media commonly discuss the basics, tactics on how to reach social media goals, defining strategies, advertising, metrics and measurements, and a whole lot more.

Some companies might be satisfied with knowing the basics of social media, and that they could not trouble themselves by investing in a training program. But nowadays, educating the employees on how to enhance their social media strategies has become less and less of a problem. There are so many tools that can inform you about social networking. You can either apply in an online social media course or read related books and articles. Settling for less is not an option now. So if you want to measure your success online, the company should know how to properly utilize and understand their social networking accounts. And this is effectively achieved through gaining professional literacy on social media.


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How to Launch a Social Media Marketing Campaign

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socialmediapassionEngaging your customers in a way that makes them feel welcome has always been a good way for small businesses to build a loyal following. Before big-box retailers and business-to-consumer websites existed, people frequented local businesses, where the owners were their neighbors and part of the community. They not only bought products, they developed social relationships with business owners.

Fast-forward to the current way business is conducted, and you will see more and more small businesses developing a strong presence on the Internet. Whether you have a small Internet-based business or operate a brick-and-mortar store in the middle of your town, you need to be online and use social media to stay competitive.

Why it Matters

No longer is social media just a place for kids to hang out online with their friends. After the 2012 U.S. presidential election, the Pew Research Center conducted a survey about Internet usage. The survey revealed that in December, 67 percent of all adults who go online use social networking sites. With literally billions of people around the world using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and numerous other social sites, businesses need to incorporate social media into their marketing plans.

How to Get Started

You may already have a website where customers and potential customers can go to find out about your company and the products or services you offer. As every Internet marketing guru will tell you, your website must always be fluid. If you want people to come back, you need to add fresh content, and blogging is a great way to do that. Once you have some good content, you can link to it on social media sites and drive traffic to your website.

Not everyone is comfortable venturing into new territory, so if you’re unsure about how to promote your business online, get help creating your social media marketing campaign.

Find your Target Audience

One of the mistakes that you can make when getting started with a social media campaign is to try and be all things to everybody. That is impossible. Even a huge company like Disney knows that its focus must be on families with young children – why waste time marketing to people who are not interested in what you’re selling?

Do some demographic research to find out where your target audience hangs out online. Then develop content that will appeal to that audience, and start building a following.

Engage in Conversations with Potential Customers

Everyone wants to feel like they are important, so find a way to interact with the public. Stimulate conversation by posting a quiz about a service or product you provide. Use surveys and allow people to post their comments and opinions. It is important that you have someone continue the conversation and post results of surveys. Customers are usually happy to offer feedback, and they’re even happier when they know you’re listening to what they have to say.

Connect your Social Media Channels

Make sure that you connect your website to your social media channels with links in both directions. Social media allows you to reach a large number of people with very little expense. With practice, you will discover what works best for you and build a following of people who are likely to become customers.