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Technology in Your Childs Bedroom

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Technology has invaded your child’s bedroom!  Actually, that’s not such a bad thing.  Today there are many excellent learning toys that are also tech-heavy and they are helping children to learn much faster and in many ways much better.  The following list is basically a compilation of some of the best tech toys that your child will probably have in his or her bedroom sat on her stompa casa 4 high sleeper from sometime soon.

On top of the heap is probably the iPad and its sister the iPad Mini.  The only difference is the size and believe me both are incredibly powerful and stunning in their ease of use. Yes, it’s a very expensive piece of tech and yes, technically it’s not a toy but the increase in apps for children makes it a go-to gadget for story-time and learning time.

Interactive plush toys of all kinds are on the market now that can be programmed to do all sorts of amazing things, including talking in a person’s voice.  There isn’t a brand that stands out but there are a lot of them.

The LeapPad 2 doesn’t connect to the internet (a good thing in our opinion for the 4 to 7 year old crowd) but it’s so much like a normal tablet that just the experience of using it will be helpful for when your son or daughter gets a ‘real’ one.  Plus kids love them and they are packed with learning and play value.

The newest tech to really wow people is the Nintendo Wii U, a unification of gamepad that the child holds in their hand that doubles as the controller for what they see on a bigger TV screen.  It’s absolutely amazing that these 2 devices can be used in tandem and the results are games that make the kids really get into it!

Similar to the LeapPad is the Innotab 2, with all the apps and other capabilities of a ‘real’ tablet like a camera, video recorder and the like.  If anything it’s a great way to get the kids used to using a tablet and, for our money, it’s an excellent upgrade from the Innotab 1.