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4 Foods You Should Include In Your Meal Plan To Boost The Brain Power!

4 Foods You Should Include In Your Meal Plan To Boost The Brain Power!

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Who wouldn’t love to be smarter?  Whether it’s a student feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of exams, or a businessman wanting to increase his powers of memory and concentration, most of us would like to sharpen our brain’s capabilities.  In order to do this, they may try to solve puzzles, practice math, or take some classes on how to get their mind working at full capacity.

Everyone agrees that workouts and healthy eating are essential in keeping our bodies fit, so that, among other advantages, growing old won’t take such a toll on us. Just like this, we also have to work on keeping our brains up and running so they won’t quit on us in our golden years.

In order to garner all these positive returns, one increasingly popular factor in boosting brain function has been to eat the right foods. That’s right! The saying “you are what you eat” is applicable to your gray matter as well. Read on below to find out the benefits of just some of the exciting ‘brain foods’ you could be consuming to keep your mind sharp, sound and steady.

These are full of antioxidants and reduce inflammation of your brain cells, making them an inexpensive yet efficient way to combat memory loss and even Alzheimer’s Disease.

  • Walnuts:

4 Foods You Should Include In Your Meal Plan To Boost The Brain Power!

Ever notice how a whole walnut looks just like a human brain? It’s a miracle of nature that foods good for a certain organ of the body often mimic the organ itself. Walnuts have an anti-inflammatory effect on the brain, as well as an antioxidant capability.

Simply put this result in better, sharper, and faster thinking. It also prevents cell death, which is directly linked to dementia and other worrisome brain deterioration.

  • Coconut Oil:

4 Foods You Should Include In Your Meal Plan To Boost The Brain Power!

This magic food has been venerated for its multi fold benefits, from controlling weight to removing makeup. Virgin coconut oil has been proved through lab tests to be instrumental in enhancing brain performance overall. It’s one of many healthy fats, which directly contribute to the brain’s optimal integration.

In fact, coconut oil is one of the very few substances with medium-chain triglycerides, which are an excellent source of energy for the brain, yet not easily stored as body fat. The only other major substance that even comes close to this especial benefit is human breast milk.

  • Dark Chocolate:

4 Foods You Should Include In Your Meal Plan To Boost The Brain Power!

Are you a chocolate lover? If your tastes in chocolate can be veered towards the dark, pure kind, you’re in luck! Or, rather, your brain is. Cocoa powder and dark chocolate contain quite a few antioxidants and other ingredients which positively affect the brain by stimulating it all over.

Consequently, this uplifts your mood, which is probably why eating chocolates make emotional situations easier. Stimulating brain activity means the brain is getting more exercise, which leads to less risk of Alzheimer’s and even a lesser chance of stroke. It’s a win-win all around!

  • Oily Fish:

4 Foods You Should Include In Your Meal Plan To Boost The Brain Power!

Fishes like salmon, sardines, etc, are brimming with a fatty acid that’s absolutely indispensable for full-capacity brain power and strong memory retention. These fats oil up the brain cells so that associations and links can move easily among them. It’s best to eat fish at least a few times a week.

If you can’t manage that, a fish oil supplement from a reliable vendor would also help in stimulating the brain and keeping it healthy.

In addition to these fun options, there are several more amazing foods that one can use to stimulate their brain and lead a smart, capable, long life. These include olive oil, almonds, spinach, blueberries, turmeric, eggs, asparagus, kale, kimchi, broccoli avocado, and so, so much more. Eating the foods described here could be the difference between a lethargic stupor and an active, energetic, always ready disposition. The choice is yours to make, and yours to savor!

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Healthy Food Update: 5 Super Foods You Have To Start Eating Today

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Eating healthy and watching your lifestyle is no longer a thing of the minority; more and more people are realizing how important it is to watch what they eat and exercise in order to stay healthy, happy and upbeat. The way you eat will reflect the way you feel throughout the day and consequently shape your mood, health levels and your general behavior.

If you are one of the smart people who have realized it’s time they threw all those fast food fliers in the trash and stocked their fridge with healthy, preferably organic foods – this is the tutorial for you. We’ve selected our favorite healthy foods.

Healthy Food Update: 5 Super Foods You Have To Start Eating Today

Coconut Flour

The type of flour you are using for your food preparation may pretty much determine the quality and calorie count of your meal. While you are probably familiar with the currently trending coconut water and coconut oil, the popularity of coconut doesn’t end there.

Your baked goods will have a wonderful coconut flavor with coconut flour added and on top of it – you’ll keep your delicious meal healthy while at the same making it super tasty. Consider making Coconut Dark-Chocolate Truffles for your upcoming Christmas feast – it will be a fun diversion from the usual greasy and unhealthy food, and everyone will love it.

If you are wondering what health benefits of coconut flour are, wonder no longer – it’s gluten-free and with only 2 grams of total and saturated fat, it packs 5 grams of fiber per 2 tablespoons. In case you or someone you know has diabetes, coconut flour consumption will largely help them: a simple act of adding coconut flour to the meal will lower the glycemic index. Amazing, right? You will find your coconut flour near other gluten-free flours in your local market.

Healthy Food Update: 5 Super Foods You Have To Start Eating Today

Vegetable Smoothies

Smoothies are usually what we make (and love!) of fruit. However, a smoothie with a twist is pure heaven! Adding vegetables like kale and spinach especially spinach to make green smoothies is a super healthy way to start your day or drink it to replace your usual, unhealthy snack at work. You can add virtually any sort of vegetable in your smoothie – beets, carrots, sweet potato, cucumber, etc. are just some of the veggies making an appearance in smoothies. They are often combined with fruit, individually. If you plan on committing to the diet plan, update your kitchen appliances so they are fitted for making all kinds of healthy foods and snacks – that way you won’t have an excuse not to start your day in a healthy way!

Healthy Food Update: 5 Super Foods You Have To Start Eating Today


If you love Greek yogurt, you are going to love skyr! This one is a traditional type of Iceland yogurt with texture and nutrition similar to the above mentioned tasty delight (Greek yogurt). This yogurt counts few calories and has a pretty amazing amount of protein. Skyr is always made with skim milk.

Healthy Food Update: 5 Super Foods You Have To Start Eating Today


Drinking kefir (it’s pretty much like yogurt in a glass) is an awesome type of beverage packed with beneficial probiotics that will give your immune system a little extra edge. Kefir is perfect for making smoothies and if you want extra flavor, add some fruit puree for natural sweetness.

Healthy Food Update: 5 Super Foods You Have To Start Eating Today


Dulse (pronounces like “pulse” with a “d”) is one of the super trendy seaweeds these days. It seems like wherever you ear, you’ll get a side dish of dulse for some reason. And why? Well, it’s a good source of iron and potassium —and boasts loads of iodine, essential in the regulation of the thyroid gland. It has a salty flavor, you’ll probably enjoy it.