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How Increasing Web Development and Database Technologies are Saving Lives

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As technology grows and diversifies it becomes more and more useful to a wider range of users. Web development and database technologies are quickly growing fields that are becoming more and more beneficial to a larger range of people. These technologies are no longer limited to use by large companies or other businesses but are becoming more and more common within the medical and emergency response fields. These technologies can make the jobs of firefighters, doctors, nurses, and EMTs far easier than ever before.

Medical Records

Technology is in fact saving lives in many cases as it makes the transport and records of patients faster, more accurate, and more readily available to medical professionals. In the past it has been necessary for medical and emergency response professionals to take written or manually logged notes about cases and events of which they have been a part. While these notes are critical in reconstruction of accidents and events and in caring for patients, they are not widely available to all the professionals that may be part of the incident.

Take for instance traditional medical records; prior to the digitization of medical records, access to these files was strictly on a physical basis. You either needed to have the file in your hands or request a copy of the files in order to use them properly. Web development and database technologies make it possible now to transmit information from doctor’s office to doctor’s office or from the accident scene to the hospital directly. You no longer have to wait for paper records and teams and staff can get to work faster on patients than they would have been able to otherwise.

Another advantage is that teams and professionals can look back on past incidents much easier with digitized and database records than they would have been able to with paper records. The ability to store larger amounts of data is another advantage to this growing software and digital database technologies. Medical and emergency professionals are no longer limited in the amount of information they can store and save for future use as they were with paper records. Though there are still some limits, professionals can now store far more data than ever before.

Security and Technical Support

On top of all that there is also the added security and tech support benefits. Paper records are difficult to secure and anyone who can read and find them ends up having access to them. Though some of these records are not private, many are and securing access to them is a main concern. With web development and database technologies you can safeguard information quickly and easily and can specify who you want to have access to your information and who should not. In regards to tech support, you will always have a team of developers that know the ins and outs and difficulties and glitches in programs. With support you can quickly and easily nullify and remedy problems so that access to records is simple.

All of these benefits can help make web development and database technologies a major part of saving lives every day in both the emergency response setting and in the medical profession. In a world where technology is king it is refreshing to see that the technologies that are being created are not only easy to use but are also incredibly useful when it comes to saving lives. These technologies will no doubt change and grow as the available resources and information changes and we can only hope that the changes that are made will benefit the greater public and the medical and emergency response professionals that save lives every day.

Author Bio: Ryan Ayers writes articles in the field of business. This article was written to explain how new technologies are helping emergency responders all the way to hospital managers save lives and to encourage further study with a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership.

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Why Should I Get Microsoft Certification?

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Whether you are a seasoned technical specialist or someone just starting out in the field of IT, Microsoft Certification can prove invaluable if you want to work in almost any technical environment.  If you are an expert they validate your existing skill set, look good on your CV and are often what non tech-savvy recruiters and HR teams look for when deciding whom to bring in on interview. For new people to IT, Microsoft Certification can provide a clear learning plan and structure to help you get the skills you need and ensure that they are industry recognized wherever you are.

How Do I Get Microsoft Certified?

With all the courses you can opt to use the learning materials provided by Microsoft or other third parties, work through the content at home via self-study or go through a recognized course provider on a residential based training course. If you are confident in your skills you could just take the exam at an approved testing center but it is recommend you at least read through the sample exams and material provided online by Microsoft first.

What Qualifications are Available?


With a wide range of qualifications and certifications available there is something for everyone at every level from causal office users to hardcore programmers.  Below is list of a few of the certifications available, please check out the outstandingly useful Microsoft Learning Site ( for full information and guidance.

MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)

Perhaps the most common and most prestigious Microsoft Certification. There are a variety of tracks and specialization available to get this certification and it is worth giving some thought about what direction you want to focus your skills. This qualification grows out of other certifications so you will also build a portfolio of certifications as you progress.

MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist)

Suitable for professionals who don’t want to become coders but need to prove a level of proficiency with commonly used office-based software. This is leveled so as to be suitable for both everyday office workers and help-desk support staff.

MCDST (Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician)

A straightforward qualification that can really improve your chances of getting a well paid IT support role.

MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer)

For all the coders out there, this qualification covers a range of development tools and languages, which you can select according to the area of expertise you want to develop.


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Lenovo H420 (7752-1YU)

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People are always looking for good deals when purchasing items. In electronics, good deals will offer great performance, great graphics and great support at low prices. The Lenovo H420 (7752-1YU) is a mid-range desktop that is well-worth the money spent on it. Valued at $600, there are only few desktops that can compare with it in terms of features.

The chassis is mostly matte black aluminum. The positioning of the components is fairly standard. There is a DVD burner at the top of the front panel. Connections to removable media are found directly below it. These include USB ports, a memory card reader and audio ports.The back panel is similar to most as well in terms of ports. There are additional USB ports, RJ45, VGA and the antenna for the built-in Wi-Fi card. Wi-Fi is of utmost importance nowadays. People prefer having lesser wires on their devices. If there is one wire that can be done without, it is instantly replaced. Wi-Fi reduces the need to connect via Ethernet.


One advantage of the H420 (7752-1YU) is that it has an HDMI-out port in the back panel. A lot of desktops miss out on this important component. The manufacturers of those desktops do not understand that some users want to send the video output elsewhere via HDMI. It’s a good thing this system has one ready for use. It did miss out on another thing that plagues new desktops. The thing which would have boosted this system’s popularity is the USB 3.0 interface. Any desktop that offers this and has decent performance will be preferred by consumers.


Another issue with the H420 (7752-1YU) is its lack of free memory slots. At the moment, it has 6GB of RAM that is split evenly between two DIMM slots. The user can always replace the 2 3GB modules with 4GB modules but you are still limited to a maximum of 8GB. Some desktops can go as far as 16GB thanks to the presence of 4 DIMM slots. Upgrading memory is one of the reasons why desktops are bought. If you can’t upgrade it to meet the demands of the future, that is a big downside.


That aside, the hard drive is something to behold. The H420 (7752-1YU) is equipped with a 1.5TB drive which is larger than the average 1TB usually provided. The device also runs on an Intel Core i3 processor which is still good for the next two to three years. Sadly, all these are powered by a weak 280w power supply. If more components are added, there is no choice but to change the supply.