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With Just The Wave Of A Hand: Graffiti Codes

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Mobile technology is advancing at such a rate nowadays, that we often forget that it wasn’t too long ago when mobile phones were about the size of a large dictionary and capable only of making and receiving calls. Those phones didn’t even have call display, let alone web-browsing capabilities, cameras, and the ability to scan QR codes. For those that still remember those early days of the mobile phone, the latest technological advance, graffiti codes, will sound all the more incredible. A graffiti code is a new feature for mobile devices that will completely change the way people use their mobile devices to browse the internet. In this article, we will look at just what graffiti codes are, and how they will make your mobile experience more integrated with the world at large.

With Just The Wave Of A Hand: Graffiti Codes

From QR Codes…

We are all familiar with QR codes, those strange looking black and white boxes that seem to pop up on every advertisement. With QR codes, you take a picture of the code with a properly enabled smart phone, and then the smart phone will whisk you off to whatever website that QR code is associated with. QR codes are a great way of learning more about what different companies offer, and they can often lead to you getting exclusive discounts not available to mobile users who don’t have a QR-enabled smart phone. QR codes, however, suffer from one major disadvantage: they have to be printed beforehand, meaning they are relatively static. After all, you can’t really draw a QR code by hand.

…To Graffiti Codes

With graffiti codes, you can do just that. Graffiti codes are exactly as their name suggests: instead of having to print out a complicated looking code beforehand, a graffiti code can be drawn by hand just like actual graffiti. All you would need is a marker and a solid surface, and any properly enabled phone would be able to recognize the graffiti and take its user to the site automatically. Furthermore, you wouldn’t need to take a picture of the code; rather, you just scan your phone over the code and your phone will do the rest of the work.

What does it Mean for Me?

Graffiti codes have the potential to integrate yourself and your phone with the larger world in a way that was previously impossible. In the future, your phone could passively scan graffiti codes in a subway, and alert you to special coupons or other information that it knows you may find interesting. Furthermore, because graffiti codes are so easy to create, if you run your own website, they could make advertising that website much easier. With just your own unique graffiti code drawn up around town, you could have thousands of pedestrians’ phones start scanning your graffiti code and thus taking their users to your site. While graffiti codes are still being developed, it is only a matter of time before they make it to the marketplace, and you should check with your internet service provider soon, by visiting sites such as, to see what their plans are for accommodating this new technology.

When people think of graffiti, they often think of vandalism and rundown streets. With graffiti codes, however, that perception is likely to change dramatically. Whether it is for private individuals or large corporations, graffiti codes have the potential to completely revolutionize how all mobile users interact with their environment.

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