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Say Goodbye to CD’s and DVD’s and Hello to High Definition

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While CDs and DVDs were a dramatic improvement on the audio and video formats that came before them, these too have been upstaged by changing technology. You may still have CDs and DVDs in your library, but how often do you listen to music or watch video on them? Today’s technology offers so many ways to listen to music and watch video and many of the new methods are technologically superior to CDs and DVDs. Welcome to high definition; CDs and DVDs, please exit to the right.

CDs vs. MP3s

MP3s generally offer comparable audio quality to CDs. The average listener will probably not be able to tell any real difference between a CD and a high-quality MP3; sound quality differences are generally only audible when the MP3 has a low bit-rate and is generally of poor audio quality. Where MP3s really have the win is with competitive pricing.

Not only can you purchase MP3s for 99 cents, you can purchase an entire album for pretty much the same cost as purchasing the CD. Because the MP3 is born digital, it’s easier to burn tracks to a CD or upload them to portable music players. Gone are the days of running with a bulky CD player clenched in your hand or loading up a six-disc player with music for your dinner or dance party. Gone also are the days of caretaking for a large CD library, carefully placing discs back in their jewel cases and running out to buy a replacement or trying a home hack when your favorite CD ended up scratched.

DVDs vs. Blu-Ray

If you enjoy the convenience of streaming music, streaming video offers much the same for movie and television content. You can watch streaming video on a smartphone with apps like Hulu, Netflix and YouTube or you can watch on your computer by visiting the equivalent websites. Learn about nearly anything you want, find fitness routines or catch up on your favorite television shows online, all for little to no cost.

Those who like watching movies at home and don’t embrace streaming video may be happy with a Blu-Ray player, which offers an upgrade to DVD ownership. High-definition resolution makes colors, background and people’s facial expressions pop in a way they don’t on DVD; you feel as if you’re really right in the world onscreen. Additionally, there are none of those poor colors and orange complexions found too often on DVDs. With high-definition TV being fairly standard these days, Blu-Ray video really allows you to take really optimize the its potential. In comparison, DVDs have a maximum resolution that’s less than half that of Blu-Ray players, which mars the HDTV’s potential. Many households already own an HDTV and the number is sure to grow, which makes the Blu-Ray player more of an entertainment center necessity and less of a luxury item. You don’t have to give up all of your DVDs for Blu-Ray discs; the player is capable of supporting both formats.

With holiday steals to be found online and in retail stores, now is the time to pick up a Blu-Ray player and a selection of discs. As HD movies become more popular, prices will continue to drop and the technology will become more affordable. Make the switch to modern media now!

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Wired on Wireless Internet – is That What We Call a Technology Addiction?

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Hey, everyone’s addicted to technology these days. Get over it, I say. Would you want to go back to the days when you had to be plugged into the wall to surf the net? Of course you wouldn’t. When you’re out in the pub with your mates, your wireless internet device solves more arguments than Phone a Friend ever did. And if you work for yourself, the ability to take your job with you wherever you go is a boon like no other.

Wired on Wireless Internet – is That What We Call a Technology AddictionThere’s very little you can say against wireless internet – except that some wireless providers for example, verizon internet, haven’t yet developed a heart and allowed you to power as many wireless devices as you want from a wireless home connection. Most of them have an upper limit of five and some charge you for more than two. Which is frankly mean. You’re paying for the connection, why you shouldn’t use it howsoever you choose is beyond me.

Anyway, apart from that I can’t see a problem. The internet, properly used, is the single key resource in modern life. You can shop on it, you can interact on it and you can find things out on it. You can inform yourself and ensure that other stay informed. You can foment revolution. You can right wrongs. Read More