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Things you should know if you want to invest in the best scaffold hoist!

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A scaffold is a temporary framework built outside of a building or an under construction architecture to allow the workers easy access to the higher levels of that building or structure. Several types of scaffold hoist models exist for different purposes: some smaller units employ a boom arm along with a pulley anchored to it, while other systems feature integrated moving platforms that can lift material and people.

Construction sites are inherently volatile work-places, with movement of workers, materials, etc. and changing landscapes.Workers often require to lift materials to daunting heights, and scaffold hoist is preferred instead of lifting the materials manually, which can be stressful and unsafe, or even impossible. Choosing the best scaffold hoist(either an electric scaffold hoist or the manual variant) is not that difficult if you know exactly what to look for in the hoist. By opting for the right hoist for your project, you can ensure higher degree of safety for your worker, while completing the project efficiently.

There are many lifting equipment suppliers that supply lever hoists in capacities ranging from 250 kg lever hoists to 6 ton lever hoists and more. For instance, Tiger lever hoists are known for their sturdiness. Almost all of them vend scaffold hoists as well to cater the need of the market.

The points that you should keep in mind while buying a scaffold hoist are as follow:

Does it suit your requirement?

You must have a crystal clear understanding of the kind of load that is to be lifted up or down with the hoist. By ascertaining the type of hoist, you need and its capacity, you can decide on the brand. For example, warrior scaffold hoist is popular and it has superior lifting power, but you can opt for some other brand that suits you the most.

Are the workers trained to use the hoist?

Different types of hoists like hydraulic, lever or electric scaffold hoist have different mechanisms to operate. So, if the workers are not trained to operate them, it is pointless to have the hoist.

Does the scaffold hoist comply with the industry standards?

The scaffold hoist must comply with the existing safety and performance norms of the industry. Ensuring that the hoist meets all the necessary standards regarding quality, safety and durability is always a good idea.

Maintenance costs

The hoists require regular maintenance and the maintenance costs vary with the product. Plus, you should also check the availability of the spare parts. These two factors will determine the longevity of the hoist.

End Note:

By using the right hoist as per operational requirements, the contractors can increase the efficiency manifold and also ensure the safety of the workers. Make sure to tick all the points mentioned above before investing in the hoist, so that it can give you high returns on your investment. If you still have any confusion, you can always have a frank chat with the supplier about your requirements, and ask for their opinion.

A Quick Guide To Buy The Quality Tiger Lever Hoist

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Buying a quality lever hoist is not a cake walk as it requires a lot of research. You must carefully evaluate different options to pick the right one and make the optimal use of your investment. At present, there are lots of lifting devices that are available in the market in the UK which are supplied or provided by different suppliers. You can buy a lifting device according to your needs and requirements. There are several lifting equipment brands in the UK that offer various devices at affordable prices. If you want to buy tiger lifting equipment, then you need to look for the right supplier to buy the best quality equipment. There are some points that you can keep in mind to find the best supplier and choose the right equipment.


Your budget might be a constraint for choosing a lifting equipment. By setting a budget, you can decide what type of lifting devices you want to search for. Lifting devices vary in prices and capacities. Look at the different options available and filter options as per your budget. But, you should never compromise on quality and always choose top-quality device.


If you look for tiger lever hoist, they vary with capacity such 250kg lever hoist, 1 ton lever hoist, 2 ton chain block etc. Before you choose a device, you need to determine your requirement. For this, identify the expected load that you will be handling with your device. Choose a device with some incremented value to ensure safe lifting operations.


Though you can easily find lots of suppliers who provide various lifting equipment, but not all of them supply quality devices. Therefore, you need to look for the right supplier to choose the best-quality equipment.


No matter what type of equipment you choose, quality is the center-point for every choice. By ensuring the right quality of your equipment, you can reduce the risks associated with lifting heavy materials. Checkout different options and choose the equipment that offers high-quality. To ensure quality you must make sure that the device you choose meet varied quality and safety standards set by various standards body in the UK.


A lifting equipment is a powerful device to lift heavy materials. There are different variations of lifting devices that come with various capacities and sizes. You can pick the right equipment by considering different points that help you pick the best device for your lifting needs. We have mentioned some of the important points that you need to consider when choosing a lifting equipment. Keep these factors in mind to make a decision that is at part of your expectations. To buy the best Tiger lever hoist, ensure that the supplier you choose is reliable and provides top-of-the-class products. You should never compromise with quality when it comes to price. Choose the best device that is reliable and durable.