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Getting Social Media Buzzing With Talk Of Your Brand

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Social networking sites are expanding rapidly all over the world and brands that don’t use them in some form could find that they fall behind their rivals. Social media not only provides a way for companies to engage with their customer base, companies can also use the medium to attract new customers and reach new audiences.

To put ‘social’ into context, in the UK alone there are over 33 million members of Facebook, over ten million on Twitter and one in every six internet page views in the UK is to a Facebook page. In total 60 per cent of all adult internet users have their own social networking profile and one in three of those visit their page more than once a day.

Getting Social Media Buzzing With Talk Of Your Brand

Don’t Just Focus on One or Two Sites

If you’re going to be joining the social media revolution then be sure that you don’t just spend time on one or two of the most popular sites. You might think you’re doing a good job by joining Facebook and Twitter, but in reality you are missing out on plenty of other options as well. Pinterest, for example, allows you to post and tag images for others to view. A retailer could, for example, ‘pin’ images of new products to the site.

Engage with People and Other Brands

Being on social media is one thing, using it in the correct way is something completely different. You can’t just have a presence on it and think you can use at as a way to talk to your friends. The moniker of social media isn’t something that you should take literally. At all times you need to be engaging with your followers, bearing in mind your aim is to raise brand awareness, reach new customers and ultimately generate more sales.

Choose who you follow wisely and try to be as helpful as possible to your followers. You could use social media to highlight new products and services. Many companies use social media to run competitions or promote sales incentives such as exclusive coupon codes or gifts with purchase. For example, you could offer promotional products such as t-shirts emblazoned with your brand to the first 100 people that ‘Like’ you on Facebook.

Show your Expertise

Social media is not just a place in which to engage with potential customers and other brands, it also gives you a chance to flex your muscles and show how much of an expert you are in your chosen field. Post comments on recent industry developments or changes in legislation. Invite technical questions from your followers that can be shared. As your reputation grows, other sites will link to your social media profiles, as well as your main website, which in turn should generate more visitors and help search engine optimisation.

Miley Cyrus becomes an earned media marketing master

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Earned media marketing masters is a term used to refer to brands or people who create content that is remarkable enough such that it commands the attention of the intended audience on the digital space. This week, Miley Cyrus became the Earned Media Marketing Master after her legendary and controversial performance during the Video Music awards of MTV on Sunday night. Since the awards, major media outlets have depicted the performance by Miley Cyrus as “unacceptable,” “really, really disturbing,” “raunchy” and desperate. However, all the critics seem to have forgotten something, which by the way is actually the most important of all: the performance was brilliant.

After the performance, Miley Cyrus was berated and criticized in an onslaught in the social media which she might never be able to bounce back from. However, she is not intending to bounce back from it and the reality, love it or hate it, is that the innocent girl, Hanna Montana, is gone and the Cyrus now holds the answer to her own future, regardless of how dangerous this might be.

earned media marketingThe campaign of shock and awe from Miley Cyrus, which was unexpected considering she is a former Disney girl, has in reality served as an incredible launch for her project of rebranding. People have been diverted by all the criticism directed towards MTV and Miley Cyrus that they have fallen short of recognizing and understanding the tactic behind her blustery performance during the Video Music Awards. Through her performance, Miley has now fully griped two distinct advantages of earned media ensuing from her spectacle during the performance: the social media buzz and brand awareness. According to, Miley Cyrus performance prompted around 306,100 tweets per minute on Twitter. It also resulted in more than 10 million Google searches to be registered on Sunday alone. And even though people would not like to believe it, Miley Cyrus knew that her VMA performance would lead to an uproar – in fact she was counting on it.

Following the Sunday performance, Miley Cyrus has now featured in numerous articles from Examiner, USA TODAY, MTV, LA Times, CNN, TIME, Rolling Stone, CNBC and almost everything in between. This is without even mentioning the fact that she now has the top 4 hottest articles on Huffington post and the top 5 from BuzzFeed. Currently, the only people who probably have not heard of the rebranding of Miley Cyrus are most probably living beneath a rock. That is how powerful earned media is.

The hit actor from Cyrus hit the digital world with so much fore that it was measured on Richter scale. While the performance is without doubt offensive and vulgar to many people, one cannot deny the fact that it at last got her position across: she was no longer the little girl, and she is certainly not Hanna Montana.

A marketing strategy from earned media is unparalleled in the ability to reverberate with the audience targeted on the digital space if it is executed properly. According to statistics, 90% of the website traffic is achieved from earned media like the one from Miley Cyrus.

Ways to Promote and Not Promote Content on Social Websites

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You see, most of the new Internet Marketers out there are unable to think beyond pasting links on different parts of social media and shouting “PLEASE BUY OUR PRODUCT”, today we are going to concentrate our efforts in finding good ways to promote our products online.

The Internet Marketing business is the fastest growing one as the people use the Internet as their main source of information and their main place to communicate with the others. Seeing this, marketers saw the opportunity of promoting their products for much cheaper and reach more people.

But we already have thousands of freelance and hired marketers that are already occupying the most of the positions, so what are we gonna do? We are going to gain an advantage by not making the mistakes most do and doing things that they are not doing yet.

People in social media will accept your attempts of marketing plus will even trust you as their source for new and quality products as long as they see you contributing with something. Content is the authority here and you better become one by posting a lot of it. Good social media promotion will get you much more leads than a twitter post or spamming your link.

So the steps to promote your content in Social Media are:

  • Build yourself a good online social circle (refer to my last article about building an online social circle for steps on how to do it)
  • Start a facebook page, twitter fanpage, or the equivalent of a group of information and people on your preffered social network
  • If you afford it, make one of these Facebook games or apps about your product (for example, a Romanian newspaper made an app for their website, and they are reaching thousands of Facebook users right now thanks to it)
  • Do post infomercials, videos, cool graphics presenting your product in a good light (remember, users prefer to look at pictures rather than read for some reason )
  • Promote your stuff inbetween the good content (for example, if you are posting funny pictures in your page, post a link of the stuff you wish to promote between 5 or 10 funny pictures, in a way that will attract attention )

And now we should follow up with things to NOT to do when trying to get your product to get noticed in these social network websites. Let’s start with the most obvious ones right now:

  • DO NOT, i mean NEVER EVER, start spamming links on social networks or even trying to get a product noticed more than like 2-3 times in a row without first building yourself a social circle that accepts you first. Not only will your links not be clicked, but they will be associated in your possible client’s minds as to not be clicked and some may even consider it viruses
  • Do not send private messages to users with links except if they ask for them.

So this is my to do and not to do list while marketing on social media. Thanks for the read and see you later!










Freedom on the Internet – Will we loose it soon?

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This is a pretty worrying notion for me, as the Web is equal to life for me. The vast amounts of information, the possibilities to make a living AND a richness in it, and the even more vast amounts of entertainment. It is a very very scary thought to lose it all with a single ball or a single government decision.

Especially since Obama came to the presidency, the government is pushing for the restriction and filtering of the Internet content plus trying to rationalize taping people’s browsing habits. Today i will present ways we are losing our internet freedom and what we can do each to prevent it. Lets start now first with the ways we are losing our dear freedoms:

Ways that we are losing Internet Freedom:

Most of us are pretty well aware of how we are giving out our personal information like we give out carbon monoxide to the air. Social media, blogs, web applications are all asking us for our personal information, and we are giving it out in order to reach the stage we want in the website (such as starting to read an article, being able to post in a forum etc.). Search engines like Google and Bing are really pushing it by associating our Internet history and habits with our accounts that have our real life personal information.

Websites like Facebook and Twitter are making it easy for our much more personal information, such as our home’s locations, our relatives, and our facial features. They can realize what we did in the last 2 hours by seeing our updates (this is not the case if you do not share your personal info on these social networking websites). News websites are making it possible for us to login with our social media, associating our political opinions and our statements with our real life names.

Of course, all this information can be held against us in our court, without anyone having the privilege to ask “how was this information acquired?”, We barely stopped SOPA and PIPA, and we don’t need more fights from today if you take the following steps yourselves.

So the obvious things to do here will be:

  • Do not give your very most information like name, surname, home adress, work adress on social networks and websites, or give false / dummy ones like John Smith instead.
  • Do not vote for Obama in 2016. He is pretty supportive of the measures to restrict people’s freedoms and write new legistlation that will permit authorities to access your online information and history.
  • When leaving a comment (an opinion, a correction, a statement) in different websites, such as news blogs, do not leave you real name, only your e-mail (also a tip: your e-mails should not have your real name and surnames in it)  and a dummy name. use for the website if you don’t want a backlink / have your website found by others.
  • Use Tor , i2p or similar encrypted browsers to do your browsing so it can’t be tracked by authorities.

Last advice should be to choose a liberal ISP or VPN and thanks for reading!