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How To Promote My Business On Facebook

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Promotion is a big part of making your business known to a wider audience and gaining the trust of potential clients. You need to spread the word about all the good services you provide or the affordable prices of your high-quality products.

Brand recognition is what you are gunning for, so you want to make your company visible to the modern shopper. Online businesses in particular are in a dire need of internet promotion and good marketing strategies. A good place to start your marketing campaign is one of the popular social media networks. Facebook is a very easy platform to use, and is therefore very popular with a lot of people. It is a good place to promote your business since the users come from all walks of life, so you are targeting as large of an audience as you can.

Facebook is notorious for its constant evolution, so you might need to revisit your approach as the site changes its layout and the various options it offers its users. You can’t have a personal page where you try to shoehorn in some articles and pictures that relate to your business. Your business won’t make it too far if all you do is spam your friends with information on your business. There is a right way to go about this, and Facebook is quite accommodating when it comes to creating business related pages. Here is a quick breakdown of the necessary steps you need to take.

Create a dedicated page for your business

Once upon a time people where very fond of creating general purpose pages known as groups on Facebook, but nowadays you have a multitude of options that relate to your specific needs. You can select between a local business, a company or even products you wish to create a profile for. You will need to add a picture of your company logo and some basic information for a start. Once you get started there are many options you can work with. Customizable settings include:

1) Your settings
2) Permissions
3) Information
4) Resources

You will be able to choose whether you want to use Facebook logged in as your standard personal account or as the company account. It is easy enough to switch between the two, so you don’t have to mix your work with your personal life.

Some companies will deal with products and materials that might be age restricted (i.e. guns or alcohol) so they can use the age restriction options to make sure they only get the audience they are legally allowed to promote their services to.

Other useful options the profanity blocklist, which will help to further exclude undesirable customers from your business page, and the ability to regulate who can and can’t add posts, pictures and videos to your wall. Under basic information you will be able to provide a link to your official website, your phone and address, a short description and additional notable facts like the date when the company was founded, any awards that the company has won and listing your main products. To check how this works on real business example, visit volkswagen parts official Facebook page here.

Spend some time fine tuning your page

There are other useful options you can use to set up your page just the way you like it. Options like social plugins, where you can add various functions. You can have people like your page, but there is also the option to let them send the content of your page to their friends and spread the word, recommendations of pages on your site the user might like and a grouping of pictures of the people that have like your page. These options help give people a more interactive experience and the social component that is the main reason they are on Facebook in the first place. You also have the “Advertise on Facebook” option which helps you with getting more likes or promoting your page posts. Feel free to look around and tweak all the little settings available to you so that your fans can get the most of your page.

Some last minute advice

Once your page is set up and you have done everything you can to make it accessible to the wider Facebook community, you will want to keep the people updated on any new developments in your company or on your official website. Provide useful information and visit the comments section for some user feedback, but don’t forget to answer people’s questions and report the trolls. If people like what they see, information on your company will spread by word of mouth very quickly, making it easier than ever to get a lot of people interested in what you have to offer.

The Importance of Home Safety

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Safety in all walks of life is important. Whether you are at home, at the workplace or at any other place like a park or the road, you need to follow the designated safety rules so that unseen accidents can be avoided. Often people tend to be careful and watchful while out of the house but forget to follow the same alertness while at home thinking it to be the safest place. However, it has been seen that a majority of accidents occur at homes due to the negligence of the home owner.

The importance of home safety cannot be undermined at all. Whether it is the installation of a security system or the reorganizing of the house making it a safer place, you need to look at all the options available. Moreover, the presence of kids or elders in the house makes it even more essential to opt for such housing structure that is compliant with these members of the house enabling them to live a comfortable and secure life.

There are various ways in which a house can be made safe and secure. Some of these are discussed as below:

Safe Landscaping

If you are living in the countryside or have a lawn in front of your house, ensure that the vegetation and trees are a little distance away from the house. The leaf piles and tree limbs should not be too close to the house as they may clog the gutters and the roof causing it to be damaged.

Easy to use exits

All exits of the house and the rooms should be clear and clutter free. This is to protect not just the elderly or the kids from tripping but also to prevent you from falling whenever you move out of the house in a hurry. For places that have a glass doors, the glass should be marked with some sticker or marking to prevent people from walking through it.

Anti-slip flooring

Often accidents in homes occur due to slippery floors. Therefore, it is essential to either use anti-slip flooring in the house or ensure that the glazing on such slippery flooring material is slip-resistant. The floors of the bathroom and the bathtub or shower too should be slip-resistant especially when wet to avoid any accidents. If the floors are slippery when wet, then, rugs or mats should be kept to avoid the fall.


Sturdy handrails are very essential for homes that have stairs. Such handrails can also be installed in the bathrooms to prevent someone from slipping over the wet floors. The handrails should be fixed at an appropriate height and should be adequately fixed.

Adequate lighting

To make the home safe, you need to install adequate lighting at all places. The entrance, walkway and the hallway should have enough light so that things are clearly visible especially at night. In addition to the lighting, homes should not have electrical cords running at places where they can cause someone to trip. The appliances must be placed as close to the electrical outlet as possible.

Author Bio : Mr Russel is the owner of Home Ware International and also writes on Bathrooms in Fashion.