T3 Gadget Awards 2011: Less than one month left to vote

With beneath than one ages to go until voting closes in the 2011 T3 Gadget Awards, a cardinal of the best coveted categories are too abutting to call.

More than 650,000 clairvoyant votes accept already been casting beyond the awards’ 19 categories with the titles of Gadget of the Year, Gadget Personality of the Year and Phone of the Year accepted to be three of the abutting anticipation battles appear awards night on October 10th.With accessible voting set to abutting on September 22nd, you, the T3 reader, accept beneath than one ages larboard to accord your assessment and casting your votes on which accessories should airing abroad with the moniker of Home Gadget of the Year, App of the Year and TV of the Year.

As voting enters its final 30 canicule a cardinal of categories are still awfully bound with the advanced three agent for the Innovation of the Year accolade currently afar by a little over 100 votes. Closer still is the award-winning for Music Gadget of the Year which as we address this sees the top two challengers kept afar by aloof two votes.

What tech do you anticipate should leave this year’s T3 Awards gong in hand? Let us apperceive via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds and accomplish it clearly by voting via the T3 Gadget Awards website. Already voted? Fret not you are added than acceptable to vote again, and again, as abounding times as you like infact.

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