Website Review is a very handy website that contains instructions on several “Do it yourself” projects. They range from carpentry, to electronics, to life hacks and more. It is the ultimate source for those looking for instructions for their favorite hobbies, or for those who simply want to make something and want to know how to make it. It is by far the most popular community of project sharers who are passionate about the things they like to make and do. Users are provided with powerful publishing tools to make sharing their projects and instructions a breeze. If you ever needed a place that is filled with “How-to” content, then is the place for you.


With over 40,000 posted projects for an extremely wide variety of topics, is indeed the best place to look for instructions. Users can’t just look at projects and instructions, they can create their own instructable with the site’s relatively easy-share mechanics as well. To make your own instructable, you must first take the necessary pictures for each step of the project. You then upload those photos to your account on the site, and create your own step by step pages. Then you add text instructions and even annotations on the pictures with captions. It’s a rather functional approach to teaching people how to make things. Lastly, you add videos of your finished work so others will be able to look at how well you have made the project and will know what theirs has to look like as well.


I personally used the website to find instructions on how to make my own envelope sealing wax, like the ones they used to seal letters back in the old days. My sister needed them for the invitations for her 18th birthday and I naturally inquired the internet for instructions of how to do it. Instructables helped me quite a lot with making the wax, the instructions were simple and the steps were very easy to understand because of the annotations.


What is good about the site is that it doesn’t leave out the free subscribers of the content the site has. Free users can still see all the instructions, but on a separate page for each step. PRO account users have pretty huge advantages over the free users. They can download a .PDF file that contains all the instructions and images, they are able to view all the steps in one page, and have less ads popping into their pages. is a good site for creative users. They do not force you to pay for a PRO account, but they make sure that doing so will also be very worth your money. It is the best community for sharing projects and encouraging passion in sharing their projects.

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