Anti-virus Software Is Vital For a Healthy Computer

Computers get infected with virus and it is very crucial that you provide your computer with anti-virus software to defend your system against any kind of virus attacks. Virus gets spread in many ways such as through e-mails, by copying a virus infected file and many more. There are certain syndromes which your computer would show up if it is infected by virus, like:

  •  Error messages would pop-up during start up.
  •  Applications may not work properly.
  •  Disk or USB drive cannot be read.
  •  Printer may create problems in printing.
  •  Pull down menu may not be same.
  •  Computer slows down/freezes/crashes.
  •  Files LOST or CORRUPTED!

Certain changes will definitely occur in your computer files infected with virus, these may include:

  •  File size may change without any reason.
  •  Date modified may not change with the date of last use.
  •  Number of files may change without any addition or deletion.

Some of the above mentioned happenings may not because of virus but because of few of the following reasons:

  •  Spyware may be loaded onto your computer without your knowledge, this software is usually used for monitoring computer activities and get info from your system. To avoid this issue, user should have an anti-spyware.
  •  Too many programs may be running in your PC, which may be a reason for your computer to slow down.
  •  There may be a scheduled program running in your PC which the manufacturer thinks to be vital for your computer. These programs are Windows Updater, Anti Virus software, Backup Programs, etc.

There may be ample number of reasons for poor performance of your PC however, it is very important that you have updated anti-virus software in your PC. Such software do not remove virus completely but prevents virus from attacking your system. Therefore, this should be the first software to be loaded in your PC. It is very important to update your anti-virus software frequently as new viruses are discovered at a very fast pace and without updated software, it would be difficult to protect your computer from severe attacks.
When you upload an anti-virus, scan your PC before running any other program. If there is any virus detected then go for anti-virus software recommendation. If virus can’t be cleaned then see whether that file is important for your system, if not go for delete or quarantine. If it is important then find same file which is virus free to replace the infected file. Restart your computer to make sure of a virus free system.
It is always good to install two anti-virus software but if your system becomes slower, it is advisable to have single anti-virus software. After all, computer is one of the most valuable assets of yours and you can let it corrupt so easily.

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