A Fresh Perspective on SEO

In what regards search engine optimisation it has changed quite a lot with the latest updates from Google and it seems that internet marketers need to try different approaches and techniques if they would like to be among the first pages in the Google results. This article will focus on offering info about what people can make in order to improve their SEO.

Anchor text diversification

First of all there are many people who are aware of the fact that overly aggressive inbound link anchor text was just too much, but at the same time it seems that Penguin wasn’t late to reinforce this message. People need to actually focus on ensuring their anchor texts are natural. This means that people need to actually stop obsessing their anchor text, because if they have something like “buy best tools cheap tools today”, it will actually read like spam, spammity spam. That is why more focus should be put on anchor texts so they are written in a natural and comprehensive way.

Diversifying links

Do guest posts bring out all the benefits internet marketers need in order to increase their ranking? The thing is that regardless of the SEO technique used, if it is abused, sooner or later this will be reflected in the results. May people read about how guest posts will make their websites rank highly and then they will apply those tips and have the same junk content published on 10.000 websites. After that they will wonder just how their rankings dropped.

A profile which is built using a single tactic screams link building louder than anything, especially if the strategy employed is too simple to use. That is why internet marketers will have to take a good look at where their links come from and in the coming year, think about some newer strategies.

Diversifying traffic sources

Everyone is writing SEO blogs and it seems that far too many internet marketers depend on Google in regards to their profits. However, things can change overnight and bring disaster to many online businesses. Many people would say they are actually following the rules and that nothing bad could ever happen to them. Yet what if the rules actually change?

The more internet marketers try to understand the algorithm, the more they realize the fact that the feature landscape and user interface could bear an even greater importance than the actual algorithm. What happens when competitors get site links or when one is on the right place on a search engine results page which will drop to only seven results? And what happens if everyone receives video snippets and one has no videos or their niche will change to paid inclusion and one doesn’t have the money to pay for it? Even if internet marketers do follow the rules, their traffic could drop at any moment.

With that being said, search engine optimisation in the coming year needs to be regarded in a different manner, with a fresh perspective and an open mind by everyone who wants to have success online.

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