Some addictive games for iPad users

If you have an iPad, playing games can be one of the best options to spend your leisure. There are various new games which are coming for providing the iPad users more enjoyment.  Therefore, if you have bought a new iPad, there is good news for the new games.

The first to mention is ‘Words with Friends’. The version of this game is based on social media. It is a Scrabble board game which is timeless. It will allow you to enjoy the game with your friends in the Interweb. As the boards go through continuous changes, the players can also enjoy new dynamics to each and every game. This game has become extremely popular in Social media due to some valid reasons.

Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP is another wonderful game which the iPad users can enjoy. This is a puzzle game based on Epic. In this game one 2D avatar has to be moved in a lush word which is extremely surprising. The storyline of this game is very much engaging. The audio and visuals of this game are just wonderful. Well, one thing must be remembered, that this game is all about puzzles to be solved. There is no fight with the enemies. This game will be undoubtedly a wonderful collection of your iPad mini.

Some addictive games for iPad users

Fruit Ninja HD is another wonderful game which can be mentioned in this list. If you want to play a game which is hack and slash type. For playing this game the players have to swipe on the touch screen display where they have to slash the fruits like orange, watermelons etc.

Well, all these descriptions may seem that it will be quite boring to play but when in the game the bombing will start on the way, the game will change to be in an extremely enjoyable game for sure.

It cannot be said that this game is a new game for Apple iPad. However, it is true that it remains to be one of the most popular games for the iPad users.

Angry Birds HD will surely get a place in this list because it is one of the most popular games among the iPad users. The game control is extremely easy but the game can be extremely addictive. In this game the player has to slingshot the angry birds to the green piggies which are covered by the structures which looks rickety. All the piggies have to be destroyed for going to the next level of the game.

Smash Cops Heat is another extremely good game option to play for the iPad users. The control of this game is extremely easy. Here the player is a police officer who has to catch the bad people or criminals. The game contains wonderful graphic work.

Therefore it can be said, that even if the users of iPad loves to play different types of games, there is plenty of good option for them. There are good puzzle and fighting games which can be extremely enjoyable on the touch screen.

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