Top 10 Games for iPhone 5 This New Year

The last year showed some promising and entertaining games for the gadget powered with iOS – angry birds, bad piggies, super hexagon, waking mars, to mention a few. They were even enjoyed in the counterparts of console and even the PC and Mac devices. Almost all of these games made the enthusiasts glued in front of their devices, last year, making them move to their scintillating stunts and adventurous journey.

iPhone 5The exciting features of the games of last year have even heightened the hopes of the customers. They are hoping that the company will be able to rope in game developers with much higher quotient of exciting and adventurous games for the iOS device of iPhone 5 even in this year of 2013. However, experts have listed the top ten games for the iOS operated iPhone 5 for the year 2013. In the mean time, it has also been declared that there is a chance of reshuffling of the order or the list of the games provided so far.

The probable top 10 games for the year 2013

To start with, the Warhammer Quest, it is an adaptation of an earlier original tabletop game of the year 1995. The game depicts the unique characters of enemies and heroes from all corners of races of the universe of Warhammer. The developers are on the verge to launch a newer Warhammer quest of Q2 2013.

The second might be the game of Assassin’s Creed Utopia. The game might be presented as the third version, an upgraded one from the previous game. It is presumed that the newer version will present a new protagonist. The yet to be released version of the game has been described as the prelude to all the titles of Assassin’s Creed of the future.

The Rollercoaster Tycoon will cover the third position in this regard. The version of the game is supposed to be adapted differently. It is said to be set for the gamers of the new generation of iOS.

Space Hulk is being viewed as another contender in this race. This 3D game is said to be a strategy building game allowing the gamers to take charge of a squad against innumerable xenos abroad.

The fifth game in the line is that of The Drowning. The game provides a visionary storyline of the future. It certainly has the potential of turning into a mesmerizing game for the latest iPhone 5 gadget.

The sixth one in the race is the game of Growtopia. A game with the spirit similar to Commander Keen and Super Mario Bros, adds the ability of growing some block-like substances with the use of a variety of seeds.

Mention may be made of Chaos Domain as the seventh game. It is a platform for run-and-gunner, as in the case of the older version of Super Contra.

The eighth position might be captured by Real Racing 3 with advanced graphics and use of powerful capabilities by the device of iPhone 5.

In the ninth place, mention can be made of Time Surfer. The game has its core element in Tiny Wings. The Time Surfer has to slide down innumerable hills or fly in order to avoid the obstacles all the way.

Lastly, Forma 8, developed by Mixed Bag, provides an adventurous game of surviving from the enemies while exploring the environment provided in the game.

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