Price of BlackBerry Z10 Leaked in the Market

Some of the mobile handsets which are going to be launched in the first half of 2013 have already created a craze about them among the mobile lovers. Among these handsets Black Berry Z10 is going to be launched in the current week and this is no doubt one of the best.

Already it has become a topic of discussion among the mobile lovers. The brand name Black Berry has already created the magic. Besides, some of the wonderful features which this mobile handset is really special and some of these features have already been leaked into the market.

BlackBerry Z10In some of the images published by press people could see that the look of this smart phone. The look was just splendid as one can expect from Black Berry. Mobile lovers also came to know about the operating system of this mobile handset.

However, at that time nobody was aware of the price of this mobile so there was some confusion. However, now from the inventory of one of the most famous retailer a screenshot has been released and from that one can come to know about the price of this new mobile handset.

According to that screenshot the new handset from Black Berry is going to cost £ 480 which is almost $760 and obviously it is quite reasonable to spend for such a wonderful handset. The screenshot clearly shows the price of the white variant in its database. One can get some of the other necessary information about this new handset of Black Berry from this database also.

Well, the price which has been leaked will be applicable when there will be no SIM attached with this handset. Now because of some offers and discounts from the company the mobile lovers may get this handset in much lesser price.

Most of the features of this new handset from black berry have been leaked out already before the release. Now people have also come to know about the price of this handset. Now, one thing it has done for sure that people are only keen to see those features after the release of the device.

However, Black Berry needs to reveal something new time to time before the release of this handset to continue the hype; the device has already created in the market though they don’t have many things to share as new things. It can be little problematic for them is well.

This mobile handset is going to be launched on the evening of 30th January. BlackBerry authority can face some problems to create a greater hype for this handset on that evening because there is not much to announce. The reports about all its features and price are already in the market.

Still, it is expected that this handset will be sold in large numbers, especially in the very beginning. Later it has to compete with some of the most awaited handsets from Apple and Samsung. However, as a mobile lover you can enjoy this competition because you will have some brilliant choices for buying a mobile phone this year.

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