BMX Stunt Park | Roam Free in a Virtual Skate Park

BMX Stunt Park allows players to roam freely in a virtual skate park, where ramps are placed throughout the scene. Players are able to move around in all directions, unlike other BMX games where the player is restricted to moving in only left and right directions. The objective of the game is to simply gain as many points as possible before the timer runs out, which isn’t too difficult if the player avoids crashing into walls or jumping off of small ramps.


In BMX Stunt Park, players control the on-screen character by using the arrow keys to direct the bike in any direction. The spacebar can be used to jump while the S key is used to perform a Superman trick, the D key is used to complete a Tailwhip, and the A key is used to perform a backflip while in mid-air. The instructions of the game display the F key as a trick key, but explain that this key does nothing.

Difficulty Level:

BMX Stunt Park is relatively easy to play as the quick changes in direction and free roaming nature of the game allow players to do whatever they want to. As there are no real obstacles in the course to cause players to crash, the only way to fall of your bike is to fail a trick or hit a wall too hard. Surprisingly, this seems to happen quite a lot. To avoid crashing, players should make sure they keep the back stabilized while performing tricks and avoid hitting walls or doing tricks off of low ramps.


BMX Stunt Park is a lovely game that allows the player to actually ride around in an open terrain rather than being stuck on one long, horizontal path. In BMX Stunt Park, players are able to roam around a skate park and do tricks by jumping off of ramps placed around the arena and pressing various buttons. Although the game is limited in the number of tricks that can be performed and players are limited by a timer, BMX Stunt Park offers a nice break from more mundane BMX-style games. However, this game can get boring fast as the player is essentially just riding around in circles until the timer runs out.

While crashing does not kill the player and gore is out of the question, the game does produce a nice smacking noise when the player runs into a wall and the character will be thrown off of his bike. A decent game for BMX lovers, BMX Stunt Park still has a lot of room for improvement. This game is recommended for anyone who wants to free roam in a BMX environment, but not for anyone who is looking for a serious BMX-style game.

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