Hiring a Private Eye to Protect Your Business

April 28, 2013 Business No Comments

Does your business revolve around high tech software or other technology that could easily be leaked through employees? It can be frightening to think that something your business has spent years developing could easily be sold to another business. That’s why some businesses are choosing to hire private eyes to protect their business. Is this option right for your business? Maybe, maybe not.

Why Do You Need a Private Eye?

There’s a good chance that your business uses a number of security measures to keep information secure. But, what about your employees? Are your employees making notes that could be used by other companies? Are they stealing code? These are things that might be hard to determine as a manager. Because you’re busy with other aspects of the business, a lot may go on that you can’t monitor. This is where a private eye comes in handy.

How Can Employees Be Monitored?

A private eye may choose to review security tapes and other digital surveillance methods or he may choose old school methods, such as phone tapping or searching the employee’s desk. The types of detective practices allowed will depend on the laws protecting employees. You need to work hard to choose a private eye that uses ethical methods as to not get sued by your employee.

Is This Right for Your Business?

Do you really need to spy on your employees? It depends. While you may have had employees sign a contract in which they are not allowed to divulge company secrets that doesn’t mean the employee will follow through. You always have the option to beef up security, by monitoring employee actions through computer software and refusing to allow your employee to work on sensitive information outside the office. If you begin to suspect that information is being sold to other companies, you want to immediately bring in a private detective nj (or local to you). Your company stands to lose a lot from corrupt employees and a detective may be able to help you.

A private eye may not have been high on your list of business expenses, but if you suspect that an employee is stealing information to sell to the competitors, you need to take measures to protect your company. A private eye can use a number of methods to determine which employees are the cause of the problem by using digital surveillance methods. Remember though to choose a private eye that uses ethical methods that won’t get your company sued. If you invade the employee’s privacy in some states, you could be sued.

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