7 Great Apps Every Restaurant Owner Should Be Using

Owning a restaurant is one of the most difficult business ventures, but there are tools and software that can help make running the business easier. Whether you need a better system for allowing customers to place orders or want to create a strong online presence, there are apps to help you get the job done.
mobile apps

Ambur POS – FREE

Ambur POS is an ordering system that allows the waitstaff to take orders on an iPad, collect payment from the customers table, and even print receipts. The app also allows you to do behind the scenes tasks, such as generate custom reports and view order history.

Chow Now – Varies

Chow Now is a custom created app that allows you to provide a unique app for your customers. With the app customers will be able to view their past orders, check restaurant hours, learn more about the restaurant, look through the menu, and even place their order.

Tabbedout – Varies

Using the Tabbedout app allows you to offer a number of services to your customers. The people behind Tabbedout will help you create a custom app that will allow customers to pay their tab from a credit card they already have stored in their Tabbedout account, leave a tip, split the cost of a bill between friends, and more.

Uncorkd – Varies

Tired of your staff never knowing which wines are available? This is the perfect app. With Uncorked, an updated list of the available selections is always available on the server’s tablet. This way, customers are never disappointed about ordering a glass of wine that is out of stock.

Gopago – $99 per month

When restaurants use Gopago, customers can log into the mobile site, place orders, and pay their bill all from their smartphone. This makes it much easier for people who are out and about to order a good meal to go from your restaurant. A must-have for restaurants located in tourist areas.

Belly – $79 to $149 per month

Want to reward your customers for their loyalty? Belly is a system that allows businesses to offer reward cards to their customers so that they can add up points for free meals or whatever you want to offer as a prize. There are different plans to handle your different business needs.

Foursquare for Business – FREE

Put your restaurant on the map with this great app. Foursquare for Business allows you to feature delicious looking pictures of your menu items, see whose recently been to your restaurant, make updates on Facebook and Twitter accounts, and much more. It’s a must for restaurants that want to take advantage of social marketing.

There really is an app for almost everything, even if you just want to browse the web for sites like Chef Works so you can dress your kitchen staff.  If you want to grow or improve your restaurant, these apps can help you get the job done.

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