The iOS 6: Is It Good?

Apple is the operating system giant that has been creating wonderful operating system for the personal computers and the compact devices like the mobile phones and the tabs. iOS is considered as one of the best operating systems in the world. The Apple published in the late 2005. the sixth publish of this iOS 6. This was published in the late 2012. Let’s talk about why you would want to upgrade your current iOS to the iOS 6.


Dynamic Interface

The iOS 6 has a completely dynamic interface. This operating system goes far beyond your .The Apple has done it again! They have totally surpassed any other iOS of the previous release. It has a fast and dynamic interface that will surely please you It has made the previous version proud. The iOS is brought with a very sleeker module interface. If you have little English knowledge, you easily can operate it. There are also some improvements in the agility part. There have been some changes in the RAM manipulations. This makes your device faster and you will have a great experience. Also the power manipulation will let you to save power and the valuable charge will be saved.

Better Sharing

You can now do the sharing to your hearts contents. You can use airdrops to share with the other iOS devices. The Wi-Fi compatibility is also very recommendable. You can also give the files to the other devices using other iOS devices. Some users complain that the iOS does not allow the sharing with different devices. These often cause several disadvantages. This is not acceptable. But look at this in this way; If you had a Bluetooth connection with one of the other devices that are not iOS, then they could take the valuable files from your phone and from the iOS. The iOS cannot support that. So to save the trade secret the apple has to do that.

New Look

The iOS 6 has a great new look that rivals all its predecessors. It looks very good. The numbers key pad looks very attractive. There are a few chances that you will find any better device than the iOS 6.


There are little complains about the iOS 6. People have complained that the speed would get somewhat slower while you use this. Also it’s been seen that you lose the push to mail option if you upgrade from iOS 5 to iOS 6.

With the pros and cons on the table, I still tell you to install the iOS 6. Otherwise you will miss a grand experience.

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