Learn More About The Way Infrared Barbecues Work

Replicating a perfectly juicy tenderloin from one of those very expensive steakhouses out there is not as simple as some think, regardless if they might have what it takes to attempt the replication. Even though it seems like a simple proposition to get a slab of meat, season it properly and then heat it up on both sides, there’s just one very important element missing and that is the lack of an infrared cooking surface. This surface will emit a very intense heat which will allow the meat to be cooked in just a few minutes.

The reason to why the cost of such barbecues went down is because of the Best’s patent in 2000. After it, sales in infrared barbecues exploded, with more than 15 million grills being shipped in 2010 to retailers in North America. Below, for those thinking about buying one such grill, there are a few tips on the things they need to know before taking this step.

Learn More About the Way Infrared Barbecues Work

What is an Infrared Grill?

First of all, the price of these grills has been heavily decreased, now costing anywhere between 500 and 1000 dollars. Even though infrared heat might be a new trying in grilling, this is a type of heat that has basically occurred naturally for thousands of years. So basically, infrared heat is present to some degree in any type of grill, whether it’s a gas, wood fired or charcoal grill.

When the grill’s temperature will increase, it will start emitting a higher amount of infrared heat. In terms of numbers, regular grills heat up to 398 degrees Celsius, charcoal grills emit 371 degrees Celsius, while the infrared grill heats up to 482 degrees Celsius and can get as hot as 871 degrees Celsius. This is basically the same temperature required for rocks to melt near the planet’s core.

Infrared Grills versus Gas Grills

Charcoal and gas grills use the principle of convection to cook food. The air inside them will heat up and then rise and circulate around the food on the grill’s grate, which will eventually cook the food. However, this will have the downside of drying the food out.

But when it comes to infrared grills, they don’t rely on hot air in order to cook the food, but they actually use a gas or electric element to heat a solid surface, which then emits or radiates far infrared waves that will cook the food evenly. Some convection will be present, but less air will circulate, meaning that the food can retain more moisture during cooking. And because such grills can cook at higher temperatures than regular grills, cooking time is greatly reduced.

Preheating Time For The Infrared Grills

A traditional grill needs around ten minutes of preheating, while a charcoal grill needs around twenty minutes. However, an infrared grill will require much less than that, so within 3 to 5 minutes people can start cooking their favorite food. On top of that, when compared to the cooking time on charcoal or traditional gas grills, the cooking time of proteins is reduced to around half which is a great time saver. Those who want to enjoy fast cooked meals will definitely appreciate this advantage.

Tips on Cleaning Infrared Grills

For those who are interested in getting infrared barbeques in Brisbane, they should have them inspected for wear at least 2 times per year, being very attentive to any damage to the grate, infrared plate and heating element. If any parts are worn out, they should be replaced by ordering them directly from the manufacturer.

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