Managing Your Information in Blocks

Since its inception, cloud block storage has been a hot commodity in the IT community. Prior to block storage, professionals had only file storage, which comes with the expected advantages of simplicity and accessibility. However, it’s not exactly the most advanced and comprehensive solution on the market. However, because it’s traditional, this article will introduce you to the newer and more sophisticated benefits of block storage, which is just now gaining popularity.


Let’s start with the most prominent advantage of cloud block storage: flexibility. With this technology, you can connect raw storage volumes to server-based operating systems as individual hard drives. This means the data is available for virtually any kind of application, including file storage, virtual machine file system volumes and database storage. You can place all kinds of file systems within block level storage.

Economic Efficiency

Renting software for data storage and management can help small businesses spend more efficiently and save money in the long term. Hiring a cloud provider for cloud block storage services eliminates overhead and operational costs, as well as the cost of staff needed to manage internal servers. Since block storage offers greater efficiency and easier access, your business can reduce the cost of time-consuming storage management.

Simpler Sharing

Sharing with file level storage devices was so easy, so how is block storage supposed to measure up? You can make sharing files with block storage even easier by installing an operating system and attaching it your block-based volume of data. Your cloud system can share files with multiple applications and users using just the native operating system. Scott Lowe of Tech Republic says that with block-based volume, “you’re basically using a blank hard drive with which you can do anything.”

Personalized Consumption

Let’s face it: predicting the volume of data storage space you’ll need is close to impossible — especially with the amount of immense growth we’ve seen in the last few years. You’ll only pay for the storage you requisition. Your volumes can be scaled dynamically, so you can start by requisitioning the minimum amount of storage you need and then expand it once your needs grow. You don’t have to worry about purchasing or filling discrete drives, because you’re only paying for the space, not the hardware.

Monitored Performance

It might not be quite as simple as file level storage, but block storage offers better-monitored performance of your storage device. This ensures that the device meets the standards of your many servers and applications, while also managing storage protection levels. A block storage device administrator manages and monitors the storage communications infrastructure.

Block storage can give your business a competitive edge because it’s newer and more sophisticated technology, which is crucial for keeping up with the changing IT industry. Not to mention, your business has every incentive to switch with the money- and time-saving benefits of cloud block storage. In an industry that thrives on innovation, it’s important to keep up with recent advances, since your greatest competitors will likely already be on board.

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