Top 5 PDF Manipulation Tools

Gone are the days when people used to worry about manipulating PDF documents. Courtesy software developers across the world, there are countless PDF tools now allowing for varied kind of manipulations. Now the question is not the availability of PDF manipulation tools, it has effectively turned to choosing from a wide variety of PDF tools available in the market according to our unique requirements. Our ultimate choice of some specific PDF tool reflects the interplay of various features like functional requirements, budget, efficiency, flexibility and advanced technology. After a fair bit of research, we can safely opine that following five PDF softwares are among the best PDF manipulation tools.

PDF Editor:

PDF Editor can prove to be your best PDF editing partner when it comes to editing PDF files like any other word processing file formats. PDF Editor allows you to click anywhere in the PDF document and start editing text as you can do in a Microsoft Word file. You have the freedom of inserting, deleting, moving and modifying different elements in the PDF file such as text, images etc in PDF Editor. Moreover you can have full control over PDF pages in PDF Editor as you can move, delete, insert, rotate and crop pages desirably. Pro version of PDF Editor enables you to convert PDF files to Excel, Power point, Word, Images, EPUB, HTML and Plain text. Another advanced feature of Pro version is the OCR technology embedded into it which gives you the ability to convert scanned PDF files to any of the various formats. You can download the PDF Editor from

Top Five PDF Manipulation Tools


Preview is a powerful built-in PDF tool in almost all Mac operating systems. Latest versions of Preview are more efficient and faster than any previous version in reading and managing PDF files and allowing for some editing functions as well like highlighting and underlining text, adding notes and annotations to PDF documents and adding different shapes such as ovals, rectangles and circles to draw attention to certain sections.

Adobe Acrobat:

You can never skip mentioning Adobe Acrobat when it comes to managing and viewing PDF files. PDF and Adobe Acrobat have become so synonymous that the first thing which comes to the minds of users is Adobe Acrobat when we talk about PDF. Optical Character Recognition in the Adobe Acrobat X Pro has made up for any deficiency in the capabilities of Adobe Acrobat if there was any. Undoubtedly it is one of the most effective but costly tools for managing PDF files in the market.


PrimoPDF is a software, dedicated to converting files of different formats into industry standard PDF files easily and precisely. If simple editing and exporting the PDF files back to Word or Excel is all you need to do, then you can hardly find any tool simpler than Nitro version of PrimoPDF. You can combine convert a number of files with the help of a few simple clicks in PrimoPDF.

Microsoft Word:

It is surprising indeed to see Microsoft word in the list of top PDF manipulation tools, but it is rightfully here. Microsoft Word has the ability to save Microsoft Office files as standard PDF files, saving users the need of any specialized tool for creating PDF files. Know more about PDF manipulating tools at

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