Poland: Providing Best Opportunities of Investment

In recent times Poland has emerged as one of the most favourable destination for investors worldwide. The investors from all over the world are constantly showing their faith in Poland economy owing to its political and economic stability. The Foreign direct investment in 2011 surged 30% above the previous mark. The country has successfully evaded the financial crisis in Europe which indicates a sound economic structure and prudent governance.

Poland has shown a constant rise in its gross domestic product since 1991. The future projections show a growth of 2 – 2.3 % in 2013 – 2014. The figures may be low but it is being considered healthy due to a global slowdown that had affected almost whole of the world.


Opportunities in almost all sectors

The country has large opportunities in energy, tourism, electronics and chemical sector. Research and development has seen an increased investment over the years. More and more students are going for PhDs which is very good sign. The country is constantly striving towards academic excellence. The pace of development of Poland remains high relative to its other European counterparts.

The electricity generation in Poland is mainly from the fossil fuel. The country uses a very low proportion of electricity generated from renewable sources. The government has set a target of 15% electricity generation from renewable sources. This provides great opportunity for private investors to invest in the renewable sector which is virtually untapped.

If we look at the tourism sector, the sector has shown an upward trend in the visitors from all over the world. The country has been endowed with aesthetic wealth which provides great opportunities in tourism industries. The recreational industry mainly involves sea sports like skiing and also mountain adventures.

Advantages that investors have

The strategic location of the nation adds to the benefit of investing in the country. The nation lies in the main communication route of Europe which provides it access to markets of Germany, France, Russia, United Kingdom and other European nations. At home Poland has a large consumer base of around 35 million.

The government in Poland has taken major strides in attracting investors. The government has taken to cut red tapes and facilitate an investment atmosphere. The country follows a policy of liberalisation aimed a wooing capital from around the world. There are around 14 special economic zones in the country which provides world class facilities to private investors to invest in Poland besides other benefits like employer benefits and tax exemption.

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