Top 5 Casual Games

Many a days you feel hot and bored in this heat and feel like you need an interesting activity to occupy yourself during those lazy afternoons. With internet at hand all the time the best option you have is to join in the latest rend and start playing a game online. Of course, it does not require a gaming console or the latest technology; here are the top 5 casual games you can play on the internet that are simple yet very addictive and enjoyable.


Actually created by a university student as a part of his thesis, this game is one of a kind where you have to help a creature grow and explore the world. It is your job to take care of him by helping him to find food and fighting off his enemies. It is one of those games based on evolution where the game spans over the entire lifetime of the creature and only ends when the creature either dies a natural death or gets killed. The game is not too fast paced which makes it perfect for a casual time and has simple graphics with great sound animation.

Fishing Girl:

The name sounds boring as most fishing games tend to be but this one here is different. Most of the others I have previously played tend to have complicated controls but Fishing Girl is quite easy to play. The mouse is the only thing needed, so that the game remains smooth. However, some of you might think the pace is too slow because you have to wait before the fish catch the bait (which can take some time and requires patience).

Loops of Zen:

Before you start playing this game, be warned; it is very addictive and very difficult to let go of. It is a sort of puzzle game where you have to make shapes so that the end result does not have any jagged ends. It is ideal if you are not in the mood for a fast paced game.


This game is very simple and yet brilliant. The colors are subtle and very pleasing to the eye as if you are watching a beautifully drawn manga comic in action. All you have to do is to catch falling flowers in a basket attached to a hot air balloon by blowing the balloon towards the flowers. Although the concept is extremely simple, the game itself is very soothing and enjoyable over all.

Super Scratch:

For those of you who are very fond of playing lottery games but do not want to make the effort of getting up and actually buying a card, here is a game fit for you. If you visit the website of Super Scratch you will find a plethora of games in which you can scratch tickets and play lottery and you even have the chance of winning exciting prizes! If you are interested in other such games you can also play irish lottery on the internet. You should check out this interesting video:

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