Top 5 UK TV Series

The TV shows in UK are interesting even to me, where i live in Turkey currently. The drama, the funny, and the sad are all there. I really appreciate UK TV organizers and directors for making these shows so compelling and giving me something to do when i am not working.

From the Jeremy Kyle Show, to the knowledge quiz show “Perfection”, there are many shows the UK television can offer for your pleasure.

In this article, we are going to present my favorites, and why they are my favorites. Maybe you will find some that you really like, if so, don’t forget to notice me in the comments!

1 – Jeremy Kyle Show

The host invites guests to air their differences over family and relationship issues, and provides them with his own brand of no-nonsense advice.

There are so many intriguing things in this show that i automatically get anxious and excited when i hear about this show. They have a lie detector, that helps them catch the cheaters and liars, a DNA test, where they can find the biological father, or confirm relations such as if a dad’s son is really his or a woman is really the real mother for her girl.

Find this show on the Internet or tune to the UK channel and start watching if you like the Jerry Springer kind of drama shows.

2 – Perfection

General knowledge quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles. One thousand pounds is up for grabs in each game but only by achieving absolute perfection will contestants win the prize.

3 – Poaching Wars with Tom Hardy

Actor Tom Hardy loves animals but rather than make a glossy celebrity wildlife doc he’s highlighting the devastating effect of poaching in Africa. Hardy throws himself into the subject in a serious but unpretentious way. Travelling to Botswana, Tanzania and South Africa, he meets rangers, farmers, conservationists and journalists to ask simple questions just as you or I would. He also swears a bit, which we all might do when invited to feed oranges to a massive wild elephant or pat its huge belly.

4 – Great Barrier Reef

If this spectacular series was written and narrated by David Attenborough, it would be hailed as a landmark, a masterpiece. Instead the strapping Monty Halls does a decent job, but he will keep trying to add levity to the mix. Attenborough has never done a piece to camera while lying face down in mud, or made a feeble joke about how Captain Cook named Lizard Island after its lizards. Not that it matters: the photography of the reef and its creatures is no less stunning.

There’s an amazing sequence on a shipwreck-ecosystem, and if you don’t fall in love with the domino damsel fish when you see a shoal of them, there’s something wrong with you.

2/3. Monty Halls explores the extraordinary ecosystem that covers an area larger than Great Britain, but only seven per cent of it is coral reef. The rest is a variety of interconnected habitats, including hundreds of islands, mangrove swamps, deep-water gardens, vast sand flats, meadows of sea grass and what is said to be the world’s oldest jungle.


That was it! Thanks for the read and get on the next article!

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