Canadian Ice Hockey’s Main Strength Lies In The Power Packed Center Position

August 29, 2013 News No Comments

Canadian Ice hockey can now boost of having some of the best players like, Steven Stamkos, Patrice Bergeron, Jonathan Toews and Sidney Crosby. Particularly the centre of the field can make any other hockey team jealous. It is reminiscent of Hall of Fame status, which prompts Zach Parise, the United States winger; jovially comment that it is sickening to see the high level of concentration of players at the center of the field arrangement.

The selection committee is aware of the players and their potential. Parise comments that though their team is an all rounder but their main strength lies in the centre of their field. The centre men are their real power. Besides they have immense will power, which is surely enough to bring down any mighty team, opined Tasty, the leader and leading scorer of the United States team. It was under his leadership that the team won the bronze medal at the world championship last year. He also has great achievement in the faceoff circle.

Canadian Ice HockeyThe American hockey team is not very far behind. Like their Canadian counterpart, they too worship their players. Stars like, Ryan Kesler. David Backes, Derek Stepan have been the members of the United States team of the year 2010, when they won the silver medal. Unfortunately, Ryan Kesler, one of the powerhouses of the centre is suffering from injuries. He showed his eagerness to play after recovery. However, the team management needs to be very concerned about the welfare of its players.

Pavelski echoed Parise’s comment that the centre players are the actual identity of the team. The former says that the best team concept always wins. Their team has that necessary skill and will power alongside the team perception. No doubt the product of all these together helped them to win the tournament in Vancouver. He congratulates the players on this and optimistically says that this performance of the team should continue for years ahead. He further added that he is not concerned about anything as far as his team is concerned and had full faith on his players. Pavelski initially played for San Jose Sharks in the wing, but the center has always been his priority. Like him, Backes began on the NHL but from the wing, he gradually shifted to the center.

Bobby Ryan, the winger Of the United States mentions that the center players in their team are not household names. Bur center players like, Davis Backes and Pavelski are legendary players who performances are unparallel. They know their job and play the game in their individual style. The responsibility of the entire team is on their shoulders.

Unlike him Dustin Brown, one of the leaders of the American hockey team is not much apprehensive about the comparison between the number of high-profile players in his own team and that of his opponent. He almost throws a challenge to the Canadian Hockey team that they might have a pool of able players but his team knows how to choose the appropriate sportsman for each position in the field.

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