175th Cunard Anniversary Global Voyage Announced

Cunard has announced its 175th anniversary global voyage. The event is still more than a year away as it will take place in 2015, the 175th year of the founding of the company but the preparations have started in good earnest from now.

175th Cunard AnniversaryThere will be not one, but several events in the festive time that is coming slowly but steadily nearer with every day passed. For instance; it has been planned that both Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth; two of the most accomplished luxury cruises of the world; will leave Southampton on the voyage. The scheduled day of departure is 10th January and it is proposed that these two cruises will meet another top cruise ship; Queen Victoria in Sydney on 12th March. Finally, these cruises will return to Southampton on the 3rd of May. For those that will be on the global voyage, it will be one of the best experiences.

“Cunard’s 2015 World Voyages and Exotic Cruises Program will feature voyages ranging from eight to 127 days aboard Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth” says one of the organizers.

That is not all. Passengers that would be on the global cruise will have the rare option of combining the itineraries in and out of Sydney. They will also have the option of customizing their personal voyages and are allowed to include a land portion as well. This makes the voyage unique because few other voyages offer such extensive options for the passengers.

You can visit South Africa or South Pacific depending on your choice. In addition; you will have the opportunity to navigate around Australia, Japan, and South East Asia. In the process the voyage will cover as many as 82 unique destinations across 46 countries. An interesting feature of the voyage is that it will give you taste of both urban and rural locations during your journey.

President of the Cunard Line comments; “Cunard continues its tradition of being the world voyage leader, we have completed more circumnavigations and taken more passengers on this incredible journey than any other cruise line. And no other ships are welcomed around the world as warmly as the Cunard fleet. Our ships’ arrivals into port attract well-wishers in the thousands – on the water and ashore – it is part of the magic of the Cunard world voyage experience.”

Statement of the Cunard President is not an overstatement as what he says has been proved by the immense popularity exercised by the cruise liner. Visitors aspiring to have best cruise experience arrive from different parts of the globe to experience the unique cruise travel on one of the best luxury liners of the world.

Offers from the liner include 113 night long world voyage in Queen Mary 2 that will visit 21 countries and 38 ports around these locations. Some of the destinations that would be covered include Sanya in China, Egypt and Suez Canal, Sydney, Auckland, Singapore and Hong Kong; each renowned travel destination in their own rights. There will be maiden calls and overnight calls in places like Brunei in Indonesia and Dubai.

Participating in the voyage will certainly be one of the experiences that would be treasured by passengers for long.

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