Plantronics Throws A Tough Competition To Rivals With Multi–Purpose Headset

With tech gadget entering the market every day, it is gradually becoming tough for the companies to keep a strong foothold with ever-rising competition. The technology companies are inventing new features and apps to attract consumers and to upgrade the existing facilities. In such highly antagonized market situation, some companies are playing quite strategically. Plantronics is one such technology firm, which is setting an example, by providing access to a unique headset. It is trying to exploit the virgin territory of multitasking gamers.


The headset by Plantronics allows multiple tasking facilities to the players. A player can switch between phone calls and chat with video games. The headset is equipped with usual headset features. like, a microphone and a stereo sound. However, the notable addition is a mixer that blends various tasks for the utility of the user like, gaming facilities, chatting and making and receiving phone calls.

According to the published reports of the company, regular wires and mixers, enabling the player to talk with his or her co-players online, accompany the headset. However, the extraordinary feature is the availability of an extra cable, which helps to connect the mixer with the smart phone. His will ensure the player to switch between game and phone call without interrupting the progress of the game. In addition to this, the balance slider can mix the game with the phone call so that the player can mix both. He can talk to another person and be alert for the virtual enemies at the same time.

The headset comes with a multipurpose RIG. The boom mike of Plantronics headset can be used on variety of other devices. It can be attached to a cable that can be plugged to many electronic gadgets. The wire system comes with an inline remote control and a microphone designed to be used in smart phones.

The other features are three equalizer profiles that enable the user to control various audio modes according to one’s needs. The bass enhancement by the seismic mode is quite a treat to the gamers. Plantronics is careful about the comfort of its consumers as well. The padded ear cushions and the headbands provide ample relief during lengthy gaming sessions.

The RIG headset by Plantronics is priced at just $130. The gaming device is designed to be compatible with not just smart phones but other technological gadgets as well, like, desktops, laptops, tablets and other gaming devices like, Xbox 360, PS 3 and Wi-Fi extensions. According to a spokes person of Plantronics the later advanced version of the product will be available at the retailers this coming autumn.

The RIG truly offers extraordinary facilities with world-class enhancements. The sound system and advanced modifications provide ultimate retreat to the users. The switching from one mode to another helps the gamer to perform multiple task simultaneously. The company through the inventive multi faceted electronic device has created a niche for itself in the competitive market. It however has other advanced products lined up to be launched.

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