Solo Exhibition of Syrian Artist Khaled Ansari

A much awaited arts event has finally started in the Ayyam Gallery on 5th September, 2013 and the event is scheduled to continue till 5th October.

Solo Exhibition of Syrian Artist Khaled AnsariThe month long event is the solo exhibition of “Complete Freedom” of renowned Syrian Artist Khaled Takreti will continue in the Ayyam Gallery located at 143 New Bond Street 1st Floor WIS 2TP, London.

“Complete Freedom is the first UK solo exhibition by acclaimed Syrian artist Khaled Takreti. The exhibition will present a new body of mixed media and film works examining the validity of the term ‘freedom’ and its relationship to personal and group identity”, explains one of the organizers.
Not only common art lovers but also critics may find the event extremely interesting as the arts exhibition offers a unique combination of classic and contemporary arts.

The renowned Syrian artist is well known for his large-scale painted compositions. Creation of arts basically explores the psychology of the female subjects on whom the work of arts is based. Many arts experts consider the exhibition at Ayyam Gallery in London as a shift towards “a largely monochromatic, graphic style and intimate subject matter”, says one.

Works of Arts that are created by Khaled Ansari are combination of deployment as well as subversion of both found images as well as his own photographs. The artist has founded his latest works on the photos he had taken on the Paris Metro.

In essence; the collage canvases marking a major part of the work of Arts of the notable Syrian artist are based on manipulated and reprinted photographs on which the artist has carried out various creative reworking. Such reworking has been conducted using the process of drawing, cutting, as well as painting. Each of these actions has added a bit to the sharpness and quality of the artistic products.

Process that is adopted by the artist works as a virtual visual diary since it is one of the modes of recording memories as well as charting time of the entire actions carried out.

Huge efforts and meticulous actions taken to create the final products of arts have supposedly not gone waste as is quite evident from the impact that the images of the artist have made on all including the eminent art critiques.

“The delicate, fragile compositions that form the exhibition are both deeply personal and playful reflections on current social issues and everyday life”, says one of the critiques.
Theme of the works of Ansari is creating an impact of absurdist critique of chaotic nature highlighting the fragility and uncertainties associated with the contemporary existence. Animal human characters that are presented in the images are serious attempts to project the ideal selves of the people to the rest of the world.

Through his creations the artist launches a pointed attack on the cult of individualism. He also displays his belief that multiplicity as well as accessibilities of consumer choices that are available to mankind in modern world only works to kill their individuality turning them into stereotypes human photocopies.

Khaled Ansari was born in Beirut in the year 1964 but his working abode is Paris.

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