How to Get a Custom-Built Home

How to Get a Custom-Built HomeMany people are under the false impression that a custom-built home is something only available to the rich. However if expectations are set at reasonable levels, it becomes an option for just about anyone prepared to buy a house, whether it be your primary residence, or a location for vacation travel. Before you approach builders in Brooklyn or any big city, you need to sit down and decide what you actually need and want in a custom-built home.

A house is the most important purchase most Americans will make in their lives and it should be done with extreme care and careful consideration. An existing home that satisfies all your wants and requirements may be nearly impossible to find. Rather than compromise your desires, a custom-built home may be just what you need. Here are some tips from

Potential home builders need to carefully scout the locations on which they wish to build. It is extremely important that you consult with your local builders in Brooklyn or wherever it is you wish to build your home before you purchase it. The land needs to be suitable for building on and there may be issues with local governments that prevent your project from moving forward. Consulting with experienced and reputable builders will save you a lot of time and expense. Home builders will also want to consider the amenities of the area they choose. The local school systems, parks, restaurants, local entertainment venues and access to public transportation can all be very important to home owners.

Your local builders in Brooklyn and elsewhere are equipped to assist you in finding the design that best suits your needs and the property you will be building upon. You could hire an architect to design your custom home and this should ensure you get exactly what you want. However, it is important to note that most architects will charge you a fee that represents a percentage of the total construction costs. That fee could be anywhere from 2-5 percent to 15-20 percent depending on the size and experience of the firm you hired. There are very good home plans widely available that may suit your needs for a far lower costs.

Good builders can also help you with the permits and paperwork necessary to build on your location, whether it’s for a vacation home or a primary residence. They can engineer the site of your build; assist in planning the landscape and the actual construction of your dream home. You will want to work with your builders on the selection of materials such as tiles, cabinets and floors. You need to carefully order your materials and take into account shipping times so that their arrival does not interfere with your building schedule.

Home owners need to carefully budget their project. When financing your new home you must consider all of the costs involved as well as the payments you will need to make once the house is complete. You may have loans to repay, mortgage payments, insurance payments, property taxes and regular maintenance bills. Be certain that your financing will cover all of your construction costs and that any mortgage payments fit into your budget.

When the project nears completion you will need to review the house and site with your builders to point out any necessary changes or problems so they can be addressed immediately. Good builders can help you attain the Certificate of Occupancy needed to move into your new home. A custom-built home is your opportunity to construct the home of your dreams.

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