Tips For This Autumn In Dressing!

You don’t need to be a Jean Paul Gaultier to realize that black cocktail dress goes with anything. The same goes for shoes. A pair of good black pumps will go with virtually anything you wear. Of course on some occasions you may want to experiment. Colour coordinating is a talent anybody can learn by paying attention to small details. In example for men if you want to pick a tie, go with a color that matches with your socks and other assocories. It won’t be long before that cute secretary will start to notice you’re considered a sharp dresser in the office and if you work with prospecting clients, they will always appreciate it when you are dressed to impress. Christopher Smyks designs are a good example of paying attention to the season.

Tips For This Autumn In Dressing!

For women its a little bit more difficult. Its always handy to have at least a few different shoulder bags to choose from, darker colors to match darker outfits and brighter colors for brighter outfits for spring and summer. Personally, I’m always fond of the more pastel colors for pants and skirts, to leave the brighter colors coming out more for shirts, sweaters and blazers. Of course again, black goes with anything. So if you have a black dress or skirt you can put virtually any color sweater or blazer on. When wearing a gardigan, you can experiment a little more with the blouse you wear underneath. Don’t be afraid to experiment and ask a good friend for his or her opinion. As often is the case: Less is more. So when wearing jewelry with anything, keep it simple, specially when the shirt or top you are wearing is already noisy. Some women like to wear a lot of jewelry, which is fine when you are in example wearing black, but I wouldn’t recommend it with bright colors or with a noisy pattern. After all, you wouldn’t want people on the street asking you for a palm reading or where your crystal ball is.

There are also big color coordination no nos, when wearing pink pants don’t wear a red sweater. The same goes for any pastel color, if you wear a pastel color you simply can not combine it with another variation of the same color. This is where some people go wrong and where you might get asked if you washed them together in the laundry, which can be very embarrasing I assure you.

Another good advice is to check for fashion shows in your area, or the latest fashion magazines and of course the internet. You’d be amazed at what you can pick up looking at the big names like Louis Vuitton and Christian Lacroix. On top of that they make great for great outings with a good friend and good subject of conversation.

For men it never hurts to ask that snappy dresser at the office where they got that great looking suit, it makes for nice watercooler conversation not to mention a good sign to show you have that interest.

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