Why Aspiring Small Businesses Should Move To London

London is one of the most famous cities in the entire world, and is respected for being a huge economical hub, not just in the UK but across Europe. So for many small business owners, being able to move to the English capital is something which they aspire to.

Whilst more expensive than the majority of the rest of the country, there are actually many benefits to paying the extra cost if you are a small business looking to expand your client base, network of contacts and general portfolio. Here’s why we think your SME needs to move to London now.

Business Communities

London is such a vast city that each area comprises of different business types. For example, East London is quickly becoming known for some fantastic tech start-ups, the City is known for its financial institutions and legal firms, whilst areas like Camden and the West have their own communities of media and creative agencies. If you are able to find the perfect offices to let London, in an area for your own business to fit in and be amongst like-minded companies, you’ll instantly find yourself fitting in and being able to network to your heart’s content. Don’t go in with the mind-set that you will be amongst your competition; this is generally a good thing and you’ll quickly be able to develop some great working relationships.

Why Aspiring Small Businesses Should Move To London

Brilliant for Commuters

One thing that people will look for when you are based in London is how easy you are to get to. For those already living in London – is it near a bus stop/tube station and what line is it on? For those coming into the city from outside – is it near one of the main national rail stations, or is it possible to get their easily using the motorway network? Fortunately, London is easy to get around, with world class public transport meaning people can get around extremely quickly and efficiently. This is beneficial for drawing in talented people to come and work for you, but also for clients who want to come and visit you – nobody wants to be driving to the middle of nowhere to meet their business contacts after all!

Unbeatable Culture

You often hear from people who work in London that they very much live by a ‘work hard play hard’ culture. Whilst working in the city often means longer hours, there are also the benefits of being amongst some of the best restaurants, bars, clubs, theatres and museums in the country. London itself is a major tourist destinations and it’s not difficult to see why. With so much to see and do, people want to live here, and they want to work here. As a business owner, you’re far more likely to find the best people to come and work for you if you are located in the capital than anywhere else in the country.

So there’s our reasons for moving your business to London, and there are many more besides. So what are you waiting for?

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