What Your Watch Says About You?

Wearing a watch has seemingly become a rite of passage. When we were kids, we wanted to wear a watch to be like mom and dad, and when we graduated high school or got that first job, we got watches of our own.  Although many of us use our cell phones to check the time, the watch has not lost its importance. A watch not only tells time, but it tells a story about the owner; it can reveal his or her hobbies, likes, and life-style.

Style and Function

Watches come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with several features and functionalities. With all the possible variations, it can be hard to decide which type of watch is the one for you.

Digital watches are good for people who live an outdoor lifestyle or spend a good portion of their time exercising. Their large, bold digital readouts let you tell the time with a quick glance while you’re on the move. These are also good for children who are not yet adept at telling time on an analog clock. Be cautioned, though. While these watches are great for working out, pairing a digital sport watch with more formal attire will make you look immature and out of style.

What Your Watch Says About You?

Luxury watches are what you would wear to dress up a more formal outfit. These watches are for collectors, connoisseurs or those who just appreciate quality watchmaking. They are usually very accurate, exquisitely crafted and can often come embedded with jewels or precious metals. Wearing one of these watches symbolizes wealth, success, and looks incredibly stylish if paired with the right attire.

It’s also important to distinguish between men’s and women’s watch styles. Women’s watches generally have thinner bands and smaller faces along with smaller type, while men’s watches are larger and bolder. Of course, you aren’t bound to wear the watch designed for your sex. Men and women have been known to wear the other’s watch. It’s all about what looks good to you. But if the difference is important to you, now you know.


Different brands of watches offer different levels of luxury and a sense of history. Timex is known as an all-American brand – a watch for the everyman. It doesn’t come with the bells and whistles of a higher-end luxury watch, and its price tag reflects that. On the other side, Rolex has become the most powerful luxury watch brand in the world, and its watch is a symbol of that same power (James Bond wore a Rolex, people). Brands like IWC have been considered a less flashy brand of luxury watch, popular among those who want to wear a fine timepiece without the attached stigma of being a “Rolex owner.” You can find a number of watch deals in order to find the perfect watch for you.


Watches can be a powerful symbol of your success, lifestyle or personality, but what your watch actually says about you is as much up to you as it is the watch. Your watch should compliment your style and character, rather than overpower it. Wear your watch with pride but don’t flaunt it. Like a good haircut or a new suit, people will notice the beauty of your watch without you having to draw additional attention to it.

Written by Jackie Daniels of Incredibuys.

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