Poipu Resort Beach Area Is Simply The Best In Hawaii Vacationing

Kauai’s has an charming coastline on the south and features assorted series of unusual formations of the reef and white sand beaches each with its own shoreline environment. Swimming, surfing,boogie boarding, snorkelling and scuba diving all found within a 1 mile stretch of coastline. Poipu Resort Beach Park is considered among the safest in Hawaii, with a lifeguard on duty everyday of the week. However, you still should always check ocean conditions before entering and never be in the ocean alone.

Poipu Resort Beach Area Is Simply The Best In Hawaii Vacationing

Other Poipu Resort Beaches Include:

  • Baby Beach has a protected cove that is great for the children who are very young. This is a very tiny crescent shaped beach and is very shallow and very calm making it an idea beach area for babies.
  • At the eastern end of Poipu Beach Park is Brennecke’s Beach where it is easy to catch many local body boarding or body surfing. This is a great protected beach for snorkelling and swimming – with surf breaks for experienced surfers offshore.
  • Over toward the west is Lawai Beach, a great delightful snorkelling spot fronted by a resort of the same name. It is a strip of sand that is narrow but the snorkelling is good and in waters that are always calm. Further out is an offshore reef that provides several exciting surf breaks that are quite popular with surfers who are local.
  • Further to the east is Mahaulepu Beach which is a stunning stretch of sand that is golden and that feels truly remote. This is a beach that is secure and has opening and closing hours since the landowners only allow public access during the day. This beach is popular with wind surfers, snorkelers, swimmers, fishermen and sunbathers.
  • By far the most popular beach on the South Shore is Poipu Beach and this beach was named America’s Best Beach by the Travel Channel ranking number 1 among the 10 best beaches selected nationwide.
  • Another beach is Shipwreck’s Beachwhich is a long stretch of golden sand on the eastern end of Poipu. Shipwreck’s Beach is a county park facility. Many will tell you this is the nicest of all the beaches as you can walk along, sunbathe, wade a little, or hook up with spectacular shoreline trail that goes east for several miles.

Where to Stay

Everything from luxury hotels to bed and breakfast inns can be found in the Poipu resortarea with no building constructed taller than a coco palm tree to keep and maintain the island’s coastal beauty and integrity. The majority of lodging in Poipu Resort area is either on the ocean, or only a 5 minute walk from the coastline. Whatever your price or need you will be able to find it in the list of accommodations in this area.

Where to Eat

On the South Side of Kauai this Island is abundant with a wide assortment of food options. Poipu resort Beach dining consists of an outstanding range and selection of cuisines and is considered to represent some of the best dining on Kauai. Many cooking specials can be found with the chefs using fresh Hawaiian seafood, vegetable and fruits all locally grown. If you are too tired from playing on the beaches to go out, call room service,grab carryout, or pick up a few ingredients to make your favorite home cooked dishes.

This part of Hawaii is considered the finest vacation area in the Pacific with the Poipu resortbeach area being simply the best!

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Alice is a very famous local artist and writer with some of her paintings hanging in homes throughout the world. Her art gallery on Poipu resort is awesome with her assorted art work from the last 20 years on display. Since she was born and raised in Hawaii, she knows all the secret places to go for relaxing fun in this resort area.

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