Vintage Home Ideas

Vintage design in decorating has gained a broad popularity over the past years. Vintage style has nothing to do with old shabby and dusty décor elements. It can be chick, trendy and extremely stylish. All you need is to find the right balance between old and new décor elements.

Any house, apartment or room can be decorated in a vintage style. You need to put some stylish accents here and there to transform your space. Vintage accessories will give your space a sense of charm and history. Start collecting some unique things from various flea markets, antique stores or your grandmother’s attic. All these elements will help you in transforming your home.

Where to Begin?

For example, you already have an old house or you live in an apartment that was built 100 years ago. You should keep all the original woodwork, windows, doors, etc. You can change the paint on the wood and it wouldn’t lose its charm. Most importantly your renovation shouldn’t affect the unique character of the place.

Vintage Home Ideas

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Clearly you would need to get rid of some old dusty things, but you can still change the upholstery on your sofa to give it a second life.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with dark colors on your walls. Brown walls in this living room only highlight the unique atmosphere of the space. A combination of chandeliers, symmetrical mirrors, bright pillows and white furniture only make it look cozy. Mirrors will make your living room look bigger. They will also reflect the light and add some charm to any space. Use contrasts to show off your vintage elements.

Forget about your ancient ceiling fans and replace them with antique-looking chandeliers.

Vintage Home Ideas

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Wood Works

Wood elements should be present in your décor. A wooden ladder to your attic can become a stylish addition to your interior.

Rustic elegance of the dining wood table would make your family feel comfortable during the holiday dinner. Repaint your old chairs to match other décor elements. For example, the curtains and the rug can match the upholstery of the chairs. You need to find the right balance between your décor elements.

Vintage Home Ideas

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A Tribute to the Past

If you have any antique furniture that belonged to your ancestors you should definitely use it for decorating your space. Choose rustic wooden frames for your old family pictures. Put them on the walls around the house. You can also use ribbons as hangers. These small elegant touches will highlight your family history and make your grandparents feel special.

Find the Balance

Even if you have a newly remodeled kitchen you can still make it look vintage. Combine your new coffee maker (like the ones here), dishwasher and oven with retro dishes, antique faucets and sinks. Use contrast kitchen elements to create a casual look.

Don’t be afraid to combine vintage accents with brand new furniture in your house. Vintage décor should make you feel as if you have jumped back in time. Learn how to embrace old and new things in your house. You can use the most unusual and extravagant elements to create your own space. Don’t be afraid to experiment with vintage jewelry, books, boxes, mannequins or anything you like.

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