7 Incredible Foods You’ll Find During the Fall Season

A lot of people look forward to fall, not just because of the cooler weather but because of the abundant harvest. There are a lot of great foods, ranging from fruits and veggies to spice blends, that are traditionally associated with the fall months. The following is just a sampling of the delicious options you should have available to you right now.


Pumpkins are gourds that come into season during the fall months. You’ll find them just about everywhere you go, from the grocery store to local farm markets. A lot of farms also offer hayrides so you can pick your own off the vines. Use them to decorate, bake, or cook throughout the entire season. You may even want to buy a couple of extra cans of pureed pumpkin to keep in the pantry, as they are harder to find throughout the year.

7 Incredible Foods You'll Find During the Fall Season

Pumpkin Spice

Most pumpkin spice is generally a blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove, though there are some variations. This blend, and these seasonings alone, are also associated with fall. Mix them into beverages, use them to bake, and sprinkle them on savory dishes. Mmm!

7 Incredible Foods You'll Find During the Fall SeasonArtichokes

Artichokes are generally in season in the spring and that’s when you’ll find the really big ones. They have a second season in the fall, though. The fruits are smaller but they’re still delicious and can be used to create warm dips, appetizers, and dishes.

7 Incredible Foods You'll Find During the Fall Season


Right. Grapes are around all year, but they’re actually at their peak in the fall. They’ll be less expensive and you’ll find they are bigger and juicier, too. They make a great snack and can easily be transported from place to place if you’re often on the run.

7 Incredible Foods You'll Find During the Fall Season


Apple orchards are in full swing during the fall months, just like pumpkin farms. Take a ride out to the fields and pick your own or buy a bag in the store. You’ll find all different varieties and they’ll be available in bulk, at their lowest price of the year. Eat them as-is, bake them, make applesauce, or do anything else you can think of. I love mine in oatmeal!

7 Incredible Foods You'll Find During the Fall Season


Love ’em or hate ’em? You might want to give them another try. Roasted with a bit of salt, sliced thin and baked into chips, or roasted with other root veggies. They have a unique flavor you’re bound to enjoy (if you can keep them from turning your kitchen purple in the process).

7 Incredible Foods You'll Find During the Fall Season


Cranberries are another fall fruit you’ll enjoy having fresh instead of jellied in a can (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Make your own fresh sauce, or even add them to your juicer. Enjoy!

There are plenty of other foods (produce and not) that are more plentiful during the fall months. If you’re a restaurant owner, the fall months are ripe with opportunities for creativity. Stock your cabinets (or start freezing and canning), refresh your Chef Works wardrobe for the restaurant kitchen, and get to work. You can enjoy some of these goodies all year!

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