The 8 Best Outfits Spotted On Sex & The City

We know, we know. Sex & The City is the go-to show for even the most hardcore fashionista. Every single outfit spotted on the famous show would impress any fashion designer in the world, but there were a select few outfits that completely blew our minds and would not be forgotten in the years to come. If you’re wondering which outfits we’re talking about, then you’re in luck. Feast your eyes on this goldmine of the most incredible, timeless, and brilliant outfits Sex & The City (or any show, really) has ever seen:

The Famous Carrie Tutu

Not only is this tutu (the entire outfit, actually) incredibly adorable, it’s a classic Sex & The City outfit. Heck, anyone who has watched the show even once could recognize this outfit. It’s because Carrie wears it in the opening credits. This incredibly fashionable outfit is proof that a grown woman can rock a tutu like nobody’s business.

Carrie’s and Samantha’s cute Nautical outfits

Spotted in season 4, Carrie’s and Samantha’s outfits proved that nautical clothes could be classy and chic (as opposed to cheesy, as most fashionistas would like to believe). What’s even better is that each woman’s personality shines through her own outfit. The dramatic lines and colors on Carrie’s dress showcase her creative personality. Her simple yet elegant white shoes serve as a reminder of her fondness for fancy accessories. Last, but not least, there’s her hat. It sums up her fun and playful side so well. Now, let’s look at Samantha. Her outfit is far simpler than Carrie’s, but it’s just as telling. Her shirt is arranged in such a way to make her flirty personality known to all. Her white pants and red accessories put some emphasis on her class.

Miranda’s Lawyer Chic Dress

How chic, professional, and sexy is this dress? It has a bit of a 50s housewife vibe going on, but it’s so modern, chic, and professional-looking that you can’t help but view Miranda as a high-powered fashion icon.

Carrie’s Wedding Dress

This list wouldn’t be complete without Carrie Bradshaw’s incredibly fashionable wedding dress, blue Manolo shoes, and dramatic hair piece.  This dress is classic with a fabulous modern twist. With most wedding dresses, once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Carrie Bradshaw’s is definitely not one of them. Any avid Sex & The City viewer could spot and correctly identify this dress a mile away.

Charlotte’s Plaid Dress

This dress is so simple, but so cute and daring at the same time. This reflects Charlotte’s personality so well. She presents herself as a proper lady with an impeccable put-together appearance, but she’s actually daring and mischievous behind closed doors. This dress sums it up perfectly.

Carrie’s Dramatic Striped outfit

This season 6 ensemble is dramatic, yet low key at the same time. If there’s any timeless Sex & The City outfit, this is it.

All Four Women’s personal take on Office Ensemble

Quite honestly, I don’t know what’s going on in this picture, but each character’s own outfit suits her so perfectly. The creative one (Carrie) is wearing some kind of a bohemian outfit that could barely pass a standard office’s dress code. The lawyer (Miranda) is looking pretty straight-laced in her usual work outfit. The classy yet slightly daring one (Charlotte) covers herself up pretty well with her cute yet safe outfit. The most outgoing one (Samantha) wants to make her presence known with a shiny, eye-catching gold ensemble. As if that wasn’t enough, she had to add a splash of bold red. If there’s any picture that sums up each character’s personality well, this is it.

Carrie’s Super Colorful outfit

This super cute outfit is fun, playful, creative, professional, and casual all rolled into one. Carrie could’ve gone anywhere in this outfit and still fit in… maybe except at a wedding. The best thing about this outfit? Definitely the skirt and the fact that red jacket, the purse, and the shoes tie the entire outfit together.

Do you have a favorite Sex and the City outfit that’s not in this list? If so, please let us know what it is (with pictures if possible)!

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