3 Steps To Right Google SEO Techniques

The success of online business depends on the rate of visibility of your website. The more visible it is, the higher online traffic it will experience. It is mandatory that you try to develop a good online presence, or else no one will be able to see the services and products that you are providing. This is why you will see that other online business dealers get really worked up about Google SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You are wondering what this may mean? Well, try to think of this first: say, you want to buy a new lamp for your room. But you do not have much of an idea where to start and what services will provide good lamps on internet. You also have no idea whether al these online service dealers are trustworthy. What if they take your money and disappear? How would you know who they are? So you go to a search engine web page, like google or yahoo or even bing! and  you type in ‘lamps’ and the name of your locality in the search engine bar. When you hit enter, it will show you the list of all services which sell lamps in your locality. So this is what happens with Search Engine Optimization. If the search engine crawlers find out that your website is authentic, it will make it popular enough to allow it to appear on the first or second page after the search process.

 3 Steps To Right Google SEO Techniques

So how do you get a high online traffic? How can you optimize the search process so that your website will come up as popular? Well, you need a proper title page, good content, proper keyword research and description of all pages of your site etc to make it good enough for search engine crawlers to visit.

  1. Build a good title page. While doing your keyword research, always divide them into several categories. Always stay exactly to the point and be precise while tagging your pages.
  2. Never stop building links to your site. Maintaining websites is a long term process. Always try to build organic links. You can blog and also use that id to write comments on other people’s blogs. This will increase your visibility rate and will also create a portal for the online traffic to use to come to your website.
  3. Always use Key Performance Indicators or KPIs so as to keep a tab on the progress you are making on your website. This will help you to understand the number of hits your website experiences and the bounce rates of those pages. You will also be able t figure out the keywords which are successful in driving online traffic to those webpages.

You may think that paying for Google ads is all you need to do. But this is wrong since the ads will help you only to an extent, not more. This is why you need to make sure that people can find your website through organic search, by following the rules mentioned above.

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