Classy Crafts: Beautiful Beaded Eyeglass Chains

Eyeglass chains are an excellent way to keep glasses conveniently handy when you aren’t wearing them.  Moreover, these functional chains also double as lovely accessories that can be adapted to your style or even particular outfits–for work or any type of lifestyle.  Making eyeglass chains is a fun craft that you can do while listening to music or even while watching a movie!  You can be quite creative with your designs and you’ll love wearing these crafty chains that are sure to get plenty of compliments wherever you where them!

Classy Crafts: Beautiful Beaded Eyeglass Chains

The Basics

You can visit your craft store to purchase supplies like bead wire, findings, and, of course, beads in a wide array of styles.  You can even purchase your supplies online.  Moreover, you can also make your own beads from paper or polymer clay!  You’ll need between 24 and 36 inches of clear bead cord as well as eyeglass holders and two crimp beads.  There are different crimp bead styles but you’ll probably want the bead style.  Attaching your cord to the crimp bead and the crimp bead to the eyeglass holder–while not difficult–it’s the least simple step of the craft.

First you’ll need to run the cord through the crimp bead.  Some beaders wind the cord, knot it, or at least make sure there’s enough wire secured in the crimp enclosed so that, once cinched, the wire will not come out.  Clamp the crimp once your cord is in place.  Next, attach your eyeglass holder to the crimp bead.  Now you’re ready to thread your beads.  Thread them nearly to the end of the cord taking care to leave enough cord remaining to repeat the crimp process you completed at the beginning.  Then attach the other eyeglass holder and you’re ready to use or even gift this eyeglass chain!  Also, don’t forget you can make a chain that complements your glasses–perhaps new ones from!


You can use small seed beads or large beads depending on your style.  You can use a combination of beads, too.  Consider beading in some eclectic styles.  Your eyeglass chains will be one-of-a-kinds and you’ll likely fall in love with beading!

Vintage Style:

Employ vintage glass beads or even Bakelite beads to make your eyeglass chain.  You can find lots of vintage styles on online auction sites.  These chains will truly be singular once you create them!

Asian Inspiration:

For this look, search for Asian style beads.  You can find carved cinnabar beads as well as beads with Chinese characters or images of Japanese art.  Following a motif is a great idea to create a thematic eyeglass chain!

Colorful Glass Beads:

Look for crystals or faceted beads that are likely to reflect the light for your eyeglass chain.  You can choose pastel or primary colors–whatever strikes your fancy!  The color combinations are entirely up to you.

Holiday Chains:

Consider black and orange beads in variety of styles from ceramic to seed to glass beads!  For Christmas, make a chain filled with red and green glass beads complemented with silver or gold beads, too!  For Valentine’s Day, consider incorporating heart-shaped beads.

Not only is creating a beaded eyeglass chain a useful idea, it’s loads of crafting fun!  Shop at some craft stores to find beads that strike your fancy.  You’ll find an incredible selection at affordable prices, too!

John Sheppard runs a small crafting shop and school. When he’s not creating something new, he’s sharing his know-how by posting on various blog sites.

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