Travel Across UK To Choose Best University

It is true to say that education is the key to success. As a result of this, the United Kingdom has been able to record the highest number of international students over the past few years. Every year education thirsty scholars do enroll in some of the best higher learning institutions in this region due to several reasons. One of the best reasons as to why this is always so is due to the fact that the academic credentials awarded by these institutions are always recognized in every part of this planet. As an alumni of these institutions, you can get a good job from any part of the world without having to worry about going back for some extra trainings in order for you to be at par with the others.

Travel Across UK To Choose Best University

Therefore, the following are the best universities in the United Kingdom;

Cambridge University

· This is the second oldest higher learning institution in England located in Cambridge City, United Kingdom.

· Most famous scholars attended this institution for example Sir Isaac Newton and Francis Bacon.

· Over the past years, this university has been winning several Nobel prizes.

· Many research students here have been able to win several Nobel Prizes making them to be recognized globally.

· Therefore, if you wish to study in the United Kingdom, Cambridge should be among your options of the best universities in the UK.

University College of London

· This university college also known as UCL was established in the year 1826 and she is the first university in London.

· This institution is known for impacting great and radical knowledge in scholars which enables them to tackle all the challenges thereby fulfilling the needs of this world.

Oxford University, UK

· This is the first university in the United Kingdom and the second oldest university in this world; it is also referred to as ”The pride of United Kingdom.”

· Studies show that Oxford University has a student satisfaction rating of over 93% which is one of the best ratings ever achieved by any University.

Imperial College, London

· Imperial College is best known for her excellence when it comes to scientific research and this is the reason as to why she is currently ranked 7th in the whole world.

· Imperial College is located in the heart of London Town making her very easy to find which is to the advantage of international students.

· Apart from that, Imperial College is the best medical school in Europe with over 14 Nobel Prize winners up to date, a fact which has made her to attract a huge number of international students.

Leicester University, UK

· This university is a first class higher learning institution in the United Kingdom established in the year 1921.

. Due to this, Leicester has always been ranked amongst the top UK universities making her to be recognized worldwide.

· The student population in this institution is about 20000, with at least 50% of this number being full time students.

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There are so many reasons as to why most international students do prefer UK as their best study destination. This is so because most universities found here are normally affordable as opposed to other universities from different parts of the world. Apart from that students in these universities normally get the best opportunity to establish the best business links with others. These universities also do provide their students with the best opportunities to explore without boundaries as London has 5 airports which do link the entire Europe and the rest of the world.

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