Mike Doyle Starring In “The Last Word:” A Paranormal Thriller

The latest news to come out of Hollywood reports that “Jersey Boy” star, Mike Doyle, has been cast for the lead role in the upcoming film, “The Last Word.” This paranormal thriller is said to be based on true events and will lead audiences on a set of unique and tragic circumstances. Director Simon Rumley, known for his production of “Red, White and Blue,” made the announcement. Producers Peter Facinelli, Erin Gores, Rob DeFranco, and Frank Mancuso, Jr. wrapped up casting and are now set to begin production this week in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle is a well-known actor who just completed production of the Clint Eastwood-produced reproduction of the famed musical “Jersey Boys,” which is set to be released in 2014. He also recently played in “You’re Not You,” which co-starred Hilary Swank and Emmy Rossum. The film is currently in postproduction and set for release in the near future. However, Doyle is most remembered for his role as Ryan O’Halloran in the top TV series, “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.” He has also played in hit movies, such as the “Rabbit Hole,” where he co-starred with Nicole Kidman, and the horror flick “The Orphan Killer,” with Diane Foster and David Backhaus.

Mike Doyle Starring In “The Last Word:” A Paranormal Thriller

The Plot of “The Last Word”

The screenplay for “The Last Word” is written by Ben Ketai and is loosely based on actual events about a man living in Texas that was wrongly accused and eventually convicted and put to death. Before his execution, the man puts a curse on everyone involved in his setup. When members of the jury and several witnesses start dying, the curse is taken seriously. One man, who was a member of the jury, believes that his son is the next target, and sets out on a quest to prove the guilty man’s innocence in hopes of breaking the curse for good.

Cast Members

Mike Doyle will play the lead role as the father and jury member trying to prove the victim’s innocence. Erin Cummings, best known for her roles as Judith Voth in “Bitch Slap” and as Spartacus’ wife Sura in “Spartacus: War of  the Damned,” has been cast to play Doyle’s wife. In addition, playing a leading role as the District Attorney is Sean Patrick Flannery who recently finished his role as Jacob Elway in “Dexter.” Flannery has also played in numerous films, including “The Young Indian Jones Chronicles,” where he played Indian Jones; “Powder,” where he played Jeremy ‘Powder’ Reed; and the “Boondock Saints,” where he played Connor McManus. He is represented by APA, a Los Angeles agency.

Thriller movie fans should be cheering this new cast for the movie, and looking forward to a great new paranormal film, hopefully to be released later in the year. The leading trio is expected to have great onscreen abilities that will pull the film together and keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Now the only thing left to do is wait for production to be done and for the movie to be released in theaters.

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