How to Keep Your Hair Healthy While Growing it Out

Waiting for your hair to grow is like watching an egg boil; it seems to take ages and ages. This can be frustrating if you dream about having long, beautiful tresses. At the same time, while you are growing your hair it may not look as though it has a proper style, as it is at an in-between stage. Once it is the length you want you can adopt a great hairstyle, but while it is still growing, making it look tidy and keeping it in good condition may seem difficult. However, there are ways you can make your hair shiny, luscious and healthy while it grows.

Even ends

Although you don’t want your hair to be cut as it grows, as this defeats the object, you will need a trim every two months or so to even out ends. Hair does not automatically grow in an even fashion, and some strands will be longer than others will unless you have the longest nipped off now and then. Having a trim will prevent your hair from looking straggly and unkempt, and ensure that it is in better condition than if ends were left to split and become dry and tangled.


Long hair is more prone to dryness and getting out of condition than shorter hair. Short hair is newer, while the bottom half of long hair has been around longer and has been exposed to the elements, styling products and appliances.

It is important to use a deep conditioning treatment on the bottom half of the length of your hair every six months. In addition, you may choose to use a moisturizing conditioner before the final rinse after each time you shampoo your hair. There are some DIY processes, but professionals like those at Guillermo’s Salon can with this process, as well as others that will help to keep your hair healthy while you’re growing it out.

Heat damage

The longer the length of your hair the more careful you need to be about preventing it from becoming damaged by harsh chemicals and heat. Color and style your hair, but be mindful about the hair appliances and products you use. Choose products that are as natural as possible, and do not leave heated hair tongs, or similar appliances, in contact with your hair for too long.

General hair care

If you are going out in the blazing sun, cover your hair with a hat or head scarf to protect it, and if you go swimming, make sure you rinse sea salt or swimming pool chemicals from your hair and apply a good conditioner afterwards.

When you use hair decorations and clips avoid those that are badly made and have jagged edges, or are made from metal that is not smooth, as these can pull, break and damage your hair, extending the growing process.

Avoid putting elastic bands, or hairbands that are not covered in material, in your hair. Furthermore, when you dry your hair after washing it, be careful not to pull or tug at wet strands. Instead of wrapping your wet hair in a towel and piling it on the top of your head, take sections in a soft towel and gently squeeze out excess water, and consider air-drying your hair now and then instead of using a hairdryer.

You can have beautiful, healthy long tresses if you treat your hair well as it grows by keeping it conditioned, avoiding heat damage, shunning damaging hair accessories and having a regular trim.

 Image credit: Wikimedia Commons


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