8 Hollywood Fashion Icons To Look Up To

Whether Hollywood celebrities flaunt haute couture or sport fashion-forward street-style, some stars seem to always look great no matter what they are wearing. Because of their unique sense of style, risk taking and confidence, many celebrities have become true style-icons and are globally admired for their fashion sense. We sought out 8 Hollywood fashion icons to look up to, from the most iconic to up and coming newcomers to the fashion scene.

1. Audrey Hepburn

The Breakfast at Tiffany’s star, Audrey Hepburn, is probably Hollywood’s most famous style icon for her simple yet undeniably stylish approach to clothes. In fact Hepburn has somewhat shaped the fashion world and her style inspiration is still in demand today as millions of women around the world still are motivated by her timeless sense of style. Hepburn made the “little black dress” infamous, and the look accessoried with a string of pearls and a pair of gloves became an iconic trend. Her distinct fashion sense was definitely enhanced by her immense confidence, and is a great example that confidence is key to looking your best.

2.  Elizabeth Taylor

As a classic style icon, Elizabeth Taylor caught the world’s attention with her fearless and daring sense of style. Taylor’s dramatic and sometimes over the top outfits turns heads to this day. Whether it is because of her plunging necklines or extravagant diamond-encrusted clothing, Taylor exudes confidence with every outfit. Of course, she accessorises well with lavish jewellery and dramatic make-up and sports one of her trademark headpieces or a sophisticated hairstyle with every look. In her long career as an actress, Taylor has become a fashion icon through her fantastic and sometimes quite extravagant looks.

3. Cate Blanchett

The Australian-born actress Cate Blanchett, is well known for winning an Oscar and two BAFTAS—and for her fabulous fashion sense. Blanchett truly knows how to flaunt couture and appears to almost always get it right. As a big fan of the designers Alexander McQueen and Givenchy, Blanchett effortlessly struts high-end fashion on the red carpet as well as when at leisure. The actress always looks poised, graceful and elegant and is a true contemporary Hollywood style icon.

4. Siena Miller

As one of the most celebrated modern-day style icons, Sienna Miller is a star that isn’t afraid to take risks. Her sense of style is quirky and always fashion-forward. Miller is an actress who knows how to wear prints and she is famous for setting trends—in clothing, accessories and hairstyles. Whether it is a gown at a premier or showing off her street-quirk while shopping, Sienna Miller gets it right and proves that taking risks and being yourself pays off.

5. Charlize Theron

The South African Hollywood actress and Oscar winner, Charlize Theron, was initially set on pursuing a career as a ballerina. Her grace and elegance from her ballet days have translated into her sense of style since she wears every outfit with poise and sophistication. Theron is known for her ability to make even the most mundane items like jeans and a sweatshirt look fashion-forward with her clever accessorising and the right hair and make-up.

6. Blake Lively

Many consider Blake Lively with her exuberant sense of style as the face of Young Hollywood fashion. Lively, as the star of the television series Gossip Girl, regularly flaunted high-end fashion to the world on the show. Her off-screen style however was just as fashion-forward as she consistently shows off chic and very well put-together outfits, always worn with confidence. Lively isn’t afraid to take risks and her fashion choices are celebrated and copied by women around the globe.

7. Zoe Saldana

The Dominican-Puerto Rican actress is no stranger to Best Dressed Lists. Saldana’s natural beauty is always complimented by her good eye for style. Saldana traditionally doesn’t follow trends but rather sets them. As an icon that isn’t afraid to take risks, Saldana sports a wide variety of looks from classic gowns to street-wear. Her hair and make-up are generally both subdued yet flawless and always compliment her outfit.

8. Emma Watson

The British actress is best known for two things: her role in the Harry Potter films and her exceptional fashion choices. At 23, this actress and former face of Burberry sets trends and is certainly not afraid to wear unconventional items. At the same time, Watson always appears flawless and cool and every look seems effort-less. Unsurprisingly, Watson has become an admired fashion-icon for many young girls.

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