Vintage Elements, Reclaimed and Antique European Flooring

Creating a rustic, vintage look and feel in your home is something that many home owners strive to achieve when they garnish or remodel. At Vintage Elements we offer hard to find Antique European Flooring and Design Elements that bring the handcrafted charm of old Europe into any interior space. Our collection of French Oak floorings and cultivated terracotta tiles have become some of the most desired and preferred vintage products among designers and discerning clients.

Flooring is the one of the first things that peoples notice when they enter someone’s home. After all, who doesn’t want that timeworn, distressed vintage wood flooring and antique European flooring look. Our French Oak flooring has fulfilled clients over the years with its aged antique flooring feel and rustic charm. There is just nothing like the aged and distressed look of French Oak flooring from Vintage Elements. Our French Oak flooring, dissimilar other wooden floorings, is professionally installed by skilled craftsman who educate the homeowner on how to properly maintain their French Oak floors. Our craftsman handpick the French Oak planks used in every home. Their years of experience ensure that every French Oak floor installed will look visually magnificent, yet last for years to come.


Terracotta tiles can give any house that vintage, old world European appeal, which is why we go out of our way to bring you our collection of vintage reclaimed tiles. These time worn, antique European tiles, turn the most basic of interiors into a, warm, inviting sanctuary. With our expertise in reclaimed Terracotta tiles and installation techniques, our vintage tiles can be fashioned to praise any home. There is just nothing like an interior space that reflects the rustic European charm of years past. Our vintage reclaimed tiles are chosen carefully and specially treated to make them look beautiful in your home, but also hold up to the wear and tear of everyday life.

When designing any interior or exterior space, you must consider how the materials you select will not only look visually, but also, the details involved in installing and maintaining them. Vintage Elements only use the best craftsman to hand select your Terracotta tiles, reclaimed tiles and other reclaimed flooring. We all know, there are very few things that look more fabulous than a professionally installed Terracotta tile or reclaimed tile floor. You can be confident, that when selection Vintage Elements, your home will look beautiful now and for years to come.

Vintage Elements is a proven, professional source for reclaimed tile and French Oak floors across Texas, North Carolina, New York, California and the entire continental USA. Our selection of reclaimed wood and tile flooring is also second to none. You’ll find the style and quality you demand at Vintage Elements.

If you’ve been dreaming of how to transform your interior space into a rustic, old world European escape, contact Vintage Elements today and we’ll provide you with the information you need to make the best reclaimed tile flooring and French Oak selections for your home.

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