4 Interesting Facts You Should Know Before Travelling To Costa Rica

You might be aware of the fact that Costa Rica is a small country situated in the southern side of Central America, but what you might not be aware of is that this place holds a rich history and diverse wildlife and an enormous number of sights and beautiful places to visit.

Geographic Location

Just like Florida, it highlights two long coastlines along with several small islands that are mainly located on the side of the great Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica primarily spreads to approximately 200 miles length and around 70 miles to the narrowest part conquering about 20,000 square miles in area.

4 Interesting Facts You Should Know Before Travelling To Costa Rica

The Surfing Heaven!

However, diving in Costa is similar to diving in any other big country. Even after being small, it offers the most beautiful beaches, hotels and even resorts. The cities are not just beautiful; they are equally developed and modernized. Voyage Costa Rica is suitable and can be taken at any time of the year. This place has only two seasons: dry and wet that makes it pleasantto stay all year round.


The dry season prevails from December to April and wet season can be enjoyed from May to November. The tropical climate is around 72 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be hotter in the coastal area and beach areas, but it can get much cooler in the mountains.

4 Interesting Facts You Should Know Before Travelling To Costa Rica

4 Fascinating Facts about Costa Rica:

1. The native people and even tourists love diving in Costa Rica. The simplest reason behind this is that Rica is rich in beaches and magnificently beautiful coastal areas. You would be surprised to know the number of beaches Costa Rica has. One can get all confused to decide on a beach to spend the vacation. Few famous and exciting diving spots are Drake Bay in Cano Island, the Quepos in Manuel Antonio, the Playa Flamingo, and Playa Ocotal.

2. Another interesting activity in Costa Rica that not lot of people experience every day is cannoning. There are tours scheduled two to three times a day for tourists who want to experience the great adventure near the Arenal Volcano. Travelling down the exquisite canyons is definitely a thing to cherish forever.

3. Like diving, Cost Rica also offers the world’s best snorkeling experience. The waters of this land is famous for its diversity and it in fact is a home to around 7,000 spectacular marine species and coral reefs that support and assist various algae, shark species like white tip reef, hammerhead, whale, bull and few others. Voyage Costa Rica is probably every person’s dream as each living being would love to explore the nature so beautifully.

4 Interesting Facts You Should Know Before Travelling To Costa Rica

4. It has the world’s highest life expectancy rates at 77 years and also people from other countries travel here to receive high quality health care at low prices.

On the Whole

And, apart from all this, there’s a lots more that you’d uncover during your trip to Costa Rica. It definitely is a paradise on earth, which one must visit and explore in his/her lifetime. To plan your tour and trip to Costa Rica, you can check Uniktour.com

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